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I Will Always Be Here for You

14. Deception

You ran away from Galadriel, not being able to see where you were going through your tears. You bumped into someone.
“Herenya, are you okay? What's wrong?”
“Oh Aragorn. I saw something so horrible in the mirror.”
“What was it?”
You sat on the ground and Aragorn followed, holding you.
“I saw Legolas in the mirror, and first we were all happy, but then I was with Glorfindel and there was this young elf, which had blonde hair and green eyes. And then the boy was standing with Legolas. But Legolas looked so haggard, it was awful. He had big bags under his eyes, and the blue they are usually was almost gone. He was so thin and frail, I thought he looked like he would break. And his hair was turning a greyish color. His skin seemed almost transparent. It was so bad.”
You started shaking your head.
“Oh, Herenya. He's alright. Nothing will happen to him. I will make sure of that.”
You hugged Aragorn, throwing your arms around his neck.
“Come on, there's no reason to cry.”
Aragorn wiped your tears away and held you when you crawled into his lap.
“Thank you, Aragorn.”
“Anything for you.”
Legolas walked out of the bushes and saw Aragorn kiss your forehead.
“What is this? Herenya, I thought you loved me.”
“I do. Oh, Legolas . . .”
“But not anymore? You do realize that he is the one your sister loves, do you not? I mean do you have no heart? We just made love and you sit here with him.”
You jumped off of Aragorn and walked to Legolas.”
“Legolas, what are you talking about? I bumped into him and he comforted me when I saw something horrible in the mirror. Why would you think that I would be with Aragorn? He is like a brother to me.”
“But you obviously didn't find the need to tell me.”
“No, I was looking for you . . .”
“Save it Herenya. I don't want to hear anymore of it. You obviously love him, and not me.”
Legolas walked away.
“But. Aragorn? Why is he being this way?
“Just let him cool down. It'll be okay.”
“But, we weren't doing anyhting. And i don’t love you in that way. You are my brother.”
You sat on the ground again. Overwhelmed by all the events that just happened.
“And I had something exciting to tell him. That made it clear he is my one true love.”
“You can tell me.”
“No that would make it worse. I have to go think.”
You walked away to find a tree.