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I Will Always Be Here for You

15. What?!

You sat in a tree for a while, thinking of what just happened.
“*It was crazy, how could Legolas think such a thing. Why had he acted the way he did? Aragorn and I weren't doing anything. He was comforting me. That's all. I have to find Legolas and tell him.*”
You jumped down from the tree and landed on someone's head.”
“Oh Legolas! I was just looking for you!”
“Ya, I'm sure you were looking real hard.”
“Legolas! Will you just hear me out? Can I tell you all the events? So that you know everything?”
“Fine. But make it quick.”
“Well, you see. I went to Galadriel. And she told me the most wonderful thing. There was a prophecy surrounding me. And that is the reason Ada wants me to marry Glorfindel. I have powers. I don't know all of them, Galadriel said I had to figure it out on my own. But, she also said that, the powers would only appear when I bonded with that one person that I have eternal love for . . . that means you, Legolas.”
“Then why were you so close to Aragorn?”
“Let me finish. She bade me look into the mirror. And I saw you and I. Then Glorfindel and I. But with Glorfindel and I, there was a young elfling, that had blonde hair. But I couldn't exactly tell who he looked more like, you or Glorfindel.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes. But then I saw you again. Only you looked so horrible." You started to cry. "It was so much to bear. The way you looked and held yourself. I cried and ran off, trying to find you I bumped into Aragorn who asked me what was wrong. I was crying so hard. I just wanted to be comforted. The way you looked. I can't even . . .”
“Oh Herenya. I am so sorry. I should have listened before. I should have known, I do know that Aragorn is like a brother. I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”
“Oh Legolas. Of course I can. You don't even have to ask.”
Legolas picked you up and swung you around then set you back down, blushing.
L-So, your grandmother, Galadriel, knows, we...
You smiled and nodded. Legolas gave you a look and you burst out laughing.
You and Legolas sat a while, then started to kiss. Until you stopped.
U-Legolas. I don't feel so good. My stomach hurts. And I feel dizzy. Legolas, you're fading. I can't see yo . . .”
Your vision blurred and you fell unconscious.