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I Will Always Be Here for You

16. Are You Sure?

*Legolas' P.O.V.*
“Galadriel, help me.” I called to her.
“What is it Legolas?”
“Herenya passed out. I don't know why.”
“Leave. Let me see to her.”
“No, I can not leave her.”
“You must. This is a girl thing. I need to talk to her when she wakes up.”
You stompled out of Galadriel's room and sat on the grass.
*Your P.O.V.*
You awoke to Galadriel's soft humming. Your stomach hurt and you had a headache.
“Galadriel?” you called.
“Oh, Herenya. Thank goodness you're awake.”
“What's wrong with me? I'm scared.”
“Oh honey. I just need to ask you a few questions.”
“Did you eat anything bad?”
“No. I haven't eaten yet. But this couldn't be from hunger.”
“Did you get plenty of sleep?”
“Yes. I was very tired last night after . . .”
“Yes, I know. Well, Herenya. I think it's safe to say, that you are pregnant.”
“What? No I can't be. It'll slow me down. Oh, Galadriel. You musn't tell anyone. Especially not Ada and Glorfindel.”
“And Legolas?”
“I'll tell him myself. When I'm ready.”
“Alright. But, Herenya. You might bring more danger to the fellowship. But at the same time, I want you to go. Because, I failed to mention before. That the prophecy says that you will be needed deeply in this fight. I'm not sure exactly how you will pull it off, because the prophecy says not of that, neither does it say anything about you carrying a child.”
“I know. I must go. Just please, don't tell Ada. He'll for sure hunt me down. I can't have that.”
“All right. Now go see Legolas. He is beside himself right now. He almost wanted to come in but I figured that you would want to know alone first.”
“Yes. All right.”
You walked out and found Legolas lying on the grass. He was anxiously fiddling with his clothing and wringing his fists.
Legolas stood up quickly and took you in his arms.
“Oh Herenya, I was so worried. Do you know what is wrong?”
(Should I tell him?) you thought.
“Galadriel thinks it was because of the power I have so quickly gained. I must have crashed or something.” You lied.
Legolas looked at you warily.
(Could he tell I was lying?) you thought.
“Are you sure?”