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I Will Always Be Here for You

18. Leaving Lothlorien

You and Legolas found your way to a dining hall where the rest of the fellowship was already seated. As you walked past, the Hobbits started to snicker.
“They know.” You said, paranoid.
“They know, what we were doing, last night.”
“Oh so what. They are just jealous that I have you and they do not.”
“Right.” You said sarcastically.
Legolas pulled your seat out for you, and then sat down beside you. To reassure you he took you hand and kissed it lightly.
Pippin ooohhhed.
You flashed Pippin a "don't even" look. Pippin quickly looked down. That's when Galadriel and Celeborn came in. Galadriel gave you a nod of approval.
“Legolas, 2 down now.”
“What do you mean?”
“Galadriel got Celeborn on our side.”
He squeezed your hand.
The feast went smoothly and Galadriel announced that there will be one more ceremony to go before you leave Lothlorien. The fellowship followed her to where the boats were being docked. Elves brought out cloaks and gave one to each of you.
“Never before have we clothed strangers in the garb of our own people. May they help shield you from unfriendly eyes.” Celeborn told the Fellowship.
Celeborn walked over to you after speaking with Aragorn.
“Herenya, I want to apologize for the way I acted. It was not my place. I realize now that you are meant to fulfill the prophecy and I will not get in the way of you again.”
“It is quite alright Papi.”
“You have not called me that since you were a child.” He smiled.
You threw your arms around him and gave him a big hug. He hugged back.
“Goodbye Papi. I will miss you.”
“Goodbye my dear.”
Galadriel came over, holding a box. She had already given the fellowship their gifts, now it was your turn.
“Galadriel, you really do not have to.”
“But of course I do. Besides, this is something I have been wanting to give you for a long time.” She urged.
Galadriel handed over the box and you obediently took it. You opened it to reveal a gold ring with a jewel on it that had the look of fire. It even seemed that the middle of the jewel flickered.
“Oh my . . . It is beautiful. I don't deserve this.”
“Herenya, this will help you control your powers, and learn all the different paths it takes. Who knows what you will be capable of. You may even be able to disguise it when you begin to show.”
“Yes, that may come in handy. I have only told Legolas. I do not want the others to think I will be useless and leave me behind.
“Yes well, be careful little one.”
“I will. I love you.”
“I love you too. Now go. It is time to leave your home and face your destiny.”
“I will miss you dearly.”
You turned around and descended into the boat, along with Legolas and Gimli.
“I will miss her.” You sighed.
“It is alright Herenya, you will be fine. I am here for you.” Legolas smiled.
“Thank you.”
“Can you cut the mushy crap, it’s making me sick.”
The fellowship rowed all day until the sun came down. You pulled up onto the shore and set up camp for the night. The entire trip, you couldn't help but feel a presence. An evil one. When you were on shore you voiced it to Aragorn, and Boromir.
“Aragorn, something follows us.”
“I know. It is Gollum. He's been tracking us since Moria. I'd hoped we'd lose him on the river, but he is too clever a waterman.” Aragorn agreed.
“And if he leads the enemy to our whereabouts?” Boromir ventured in.
“Then let us pray he does not.” You said.
You left and found Legolas as you sat on the outskirts of the trees, a few meters from the fellowship, in the pitch blackness.
“Herenya, I have something for you.” He whispered.
“What is it?”
“It is for hope.”
Legolas pulled 4 necklaces out. Held up they made it so that they were all different sizes. It was a simple silver chain, and the focal points were little tear drops, in a beautiful aqua color. Your tear drops.
“Legolas! However did you make this?”
“With much care and devotion.”
“Oh it is beautiful. Put it on me.”
Legolas clasped it at the back and they sat perfectly on your chest.
“It is so that you have me, when ever I am not around. You have those, you have hope.”
“Thank you.”
The fellowship stayed unaware of the passionate events happening in the shadows. Your cries of pleasure were muffled by eachother's mouths and your urgency to not let the others hear.