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I Will Always Be Here for You

20. Seperate Ends

Okay people, here is the 2nd third of the Legolas and Herenya story. Now, I have changed it a little. The way I write is better now, ya, I hope you like it. The stories are longer than before too I think. ENJOY!

*Legolas' P.O.V.*
Aragorn, Gimli, and I had been running for a day straight. I felt horrible for leaving Herenya. I was responsible for her being taken. No doubt about it.
"Legolas, Aragorn, stop. I need rest. Stop!" Gimli yelled from behind us.
"All right Gimli, for you are tiring." Aragorn complied.
"This is not all right! We have to keep going! It is already bad enough that we have to rest at night." I yelled.
"Legolas, it will be all right." Aragorn tried to calm me down.
"No, it will not! Do you not see? If I do not get to Herenya in time it will not be fine!"
"Legolas, you are overreacting!" Gimli shook me.
"I am not!"
"What is wrong Legolas?" Aragorn approached me.
"I am worried for her . . . health."
"She will be fine."
"That is not true!"
"She's strong enough to take care of herself."
"Not while she's carrying my child!"
*Oops. I should not have said that. Oh, no. Herenya is going to kill me when we save her.*
"What?!" Aragorn and Gimli yelled in unison.
"Nothing," I tried to cover, "I did not say anything."
"She's carrying your child?! Why didn't you tell us before?" Aragorn yelled.
"She would not let me. She was afraid you would leave her behind if you knew."
"That's prepsterous. I would never do that to Herenya! She's like a sister to me!"
"She also did not want you to pester her. I know you would have."
"Only out of love. Gimli get up! Your rest is over. Let's go get our friends back."
Aragorn and I quickly took off with Gimli slowly coming up behind, grumbling and mumbling to himself.

*Your P.O.V.*
You awoke with the taste of blood in your mouth, and a numb feeling all over. You moaned as you were jostled, that is when a harsh voice yelled to you,
"Shut up princess, or you'll wih you were unconcious again."
"I already do." you whispered.
*Legolas, find me, please.*
You fell back into darkness.
*Pippin's P.O.V.*
When I awoke I thought I must be in Mordor already. Turns out I wasn't. It was a huge shock to see Merry, my best friend, look so bad. The gash in his head was horrible. Dried blood was all over a half of his forehead. But I most definately didn't expect to see Herenya. She was being carried by a massive uruk, her graceful and usually clean body was being jostled about as if she were a sack of bad potatoes. Her gown was dirty and in some places there was dried blood from the battle she'd fought earlier.
*Why her?*

*Your P.O.V.*
When you awoke again the party of Uruks were stopped and you were layed on the ground. The Uruks were munching on something foul that you had no intention whatsoever of eating, if they insisted. You turned over, as best you could, and found Merry and Pippin still asleep. You softly called their names.
"Merry. Pippin. Wake up. Merry. Pippin."
You heard some moaning from Merry's side and watched as he stirred.
"I don't want to die!" Merry silently yelled.
"Merry. Merry! It is all right. 'Tis only me."
"Oh thank god. I was afraid. I'm still afraid Herenya."
You crawled over to Merry and looked at him. You touched his cheek, as best you could with your hands tied up, trying to comfort him.
"It will be okay. I will try to get us out of here as soon as possible."
It was only a matter of time before you had to fake sleep and an uruk picked you up, looping your arms around his neck. When it was light enough to see you tried to look into the distance. Your eye caught sight of three moving figures. You tried not to let your joy take over in case it turned out false, but you prayed with all your might that it was Legolas.
But that posed a question. If you only saw three figures, and Boromir was obviously dead, then there left two.
*Where are Frodo and Sam?*

*Pippin's P.O.V.*
The Uruks were running fast and going over much land. I was sure we were alone, and that we would have to save ourselves. That's when the uruks stopped. The leader was sniffing the air cautiously.
"What is it? What do you smell?" a fellow Uruk asked the leader.
He responded with, "Man flesh."
"Aragorn." I whispered.
Thinking quickly, while the uruks ran faster, I pulled off the brooch of Lothlorien and spat it out, praying he'd find it.

*Legolas' P.O.V.*
Aragorn had his ear pressed up against a rock, listening to the distant footsteps of the Uruks.
"Their pace has quickened. They must have caught our scent. Hurry!"
I yelled back at Gimli, "Come on Gimli!"
"Three days and nights pursuit. No food, no rest. No sign of our quarry but one bare rock can tell."
Gimli slowly, and reluctantly followed behind.

*Your P.O.V.*
You looked around, to make sure no one was watching you. Quickly, using your magic, you unfastened the smallest necklace and let it fall to the ground.
*Find it, Legolas.*
As you were carried adn thrown, and moved to different uruks you fell into a deep sleep.
*A man. A man in white. He seemed so familiar, yet so different. He stood tall, and had long, straight, white hair that matched a long white beard. His long white robes seemed to never have touched dirt, and there was a bright glow that eminated from him.
"Herenya," he said in a strong deep voice, "I always knew you could be strong. I have known about the prophecy since before you were born."
"Who are you?"
"One who knows you well."
A riddle? Why a riddle? Why did the thought of a riddle seem so familiar?*

*Legolas' P.O.V.*
Aragorn crouched to the ground, looking at something. When he picked it up, I looked at what it was.
"Not idly to the leaves of Lorien fall." Aragorn almost happily stated.
"They may yet be alive."
"Less than a day ahead of us. Come."
"Come, Gimli! We're gaining on them!"
"I'm wasted on cross-country. We Dwarves are natural sprinters. Very dangerous over short distances."
I smiled to myself, both at the remarks Gimli was making and at how close I was to getting Herenya back.
We came onto a rocky hillock over-looking the Plains of Rohan.
"Rohan." Aragorn murmured, "Home of the Horse-lords," he squinted in thought, "There's something strange at work here. Some evil gives speed to these creatures. Sets its will against us."
I ran up closer to the plains, and looked out.
"Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?"
"The Uruks turn north-east. They are taking them to Isengard."
"Saruman." Aragorn whispered.
We kept running. Net letting our bodies quit on us. On the way I noticed something glinting in the grass. I ran to it and picked it up. In a big footprint of an uruk there was one of Herenya's necklace. I kissed it and put it around my neck, and kept running.
"Keep breathing. That's the key. Breathe. Ho." Gimli assured himself.
"They have run as if the very whips of their masters were behind them." I thought aloud.
I quickly sped up.
By the time the sun went down, we had still not caught up to them.

*Your P.O.V.*
You were plopped on the ground just after the sun went down behind the trees. You noticed, with some fright, that you were stopped in front of Fangorn Forest. A dark and frightening place to all. For it held many secrets. You overheard the orcs quarelling. You had been united with some of the Mordor orcs. Andthey were harder to please,for they had actual natural needs, not like the unnaturally created uruks. You suddenly thought, for no particualr reason, what a female orc looked like. There must be some.
"We're not going no further, "breathed out one of the Mordor orcs, "until we've had a breather."
Ugh! Even the modern tongue sounded horrible coming from their mouths.
"Get a fire going!" yelled teh captain of the Uruks.
The Uruks ran to the forest and began chopping. You overheard Merry and Pippin talking for the first time since you'd been captured.
"Merry!" Pippin crawled toward the seemingly unconcious form, "Merry!"
"I think we might have mad a mistake leaving the Shire, Pippin."
As the orcs chopped, there came a creaking and groaning from the forest as it seemed to shudder.
"What making that noise?" Pippin asked.
Merry looked toward the forest, "It's the trees."
"The trees?"
"Do you remember the old forest? On the borders of Buckland? Folk used to say there was something in the water that made the trees grow tall. And come alive."
"Trees that could whisper. Talk to eachother. Even move."
You couldn't help but laugh at his story.
"My dear hobbits. It is in fact the trees who talk. But I am sorry that it is not the water. Although the water does hold some magic, adn helps the trees grow tall and alive. And really, a tree is already alive. But the reason for them speaking is all thanks to my ancestors. The first elves taught the trees to speak. And from there it went on. To moving. But those who can move are not called trees anymore," you explained to the dumbfounded halflings, "but Ents."
"Tree-herders. Shepard’s of the forest." Merry said in awe.
You smiled at the hobbit adn he flushed madly. A fight broke loose between the uruks and orcs nearby.
"We ain't had nothin' but maggoty bread for three stinkin' days." an Uruk yelled.
"Ya, why can't we have some meats? What 'bout them? They're fresh." an orc said looking at you, Merry, and Pippin.
"They are not for eating." the uruk captain stormed in.
"What 'bout their legs? They don't need those." an orc creeped towards Merry and Pippin, clicking his teeth together.
"I'd at least like to get in between those legs." an Uruk laughed as he touched your face.
You tried to get away.
*Legolas. Please.*
"Oh they look tasty." the hungry orc said, lunging at Pippin.
"Get back scum!" the captain pushed him.
That created an all-out fight. The Uruk captain ended up slicing off the hungry orcs head.
"Looks like meats back on the menu boys!" he yelled, laughing.
The Uruks and orcs all jumped at the carcass, adn intestins and other various organs were thrown everywhere. The Uruk with the interest in you was still beside you, staring at you.
"Aren't you going to eat? you asked hopefully.
"Why would I want food when I can have you, all to myself."
The Uruk grabbed you by the hair, and pulled you out of the fire light.
"Please, don't." you begged.
"Shutup!" he threw you down.
This Uruk was huge and a foul reak eminated off of it, filling your nostrils, making you want to gag.
The Uruk forced himself upon you adn tunneled his way between your tightly clenched thighs.
You prayed to the Valar to save you.
As the Uruk revealed himself and finally broke through, into you, a shot of pain, so excruciating, you screamed at the top of your lungs.
Suddenly, there appeared a spear through the Uruks stomach. As it collapsed to the side you tried to crawl away, but instead sucombed to the pain, and fell into darkness.