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I Will Always Be Here for You

21. Hope Reunited

*Legolas' P.O.V.*
"A red sun rises. Blood has been spilt this night." I remarked as the sun rose above the plains.
We'd decided to run all night. We all felt how close we were. Especially after finding Herenya's necklace in the mud. It gave me hope, like I told her it would do for her. There were no words to explain how I felt.
My thoughts were interrupted when we came upon a hill. Aragorn stopped and listened. That's when we heard the cries of horses. In case it was an enemy, we hid behind a group of rocks, casting our cloaks over us, blending in. Aragorn recognized them as Riders of Rohan and so we revealed ourselves once they passed.
Aragorn ran out and yelled, "Riders of Rohan! What news from the Mark?"
I watched as the 200-some horsemen turned and surrounded us. When we were completely circled in, a man came to the centre to speak to us.
"What business does an elf, a man, and a dwarf have in the Riddermark? Speak quickly!" he demanded.
"Give me your name horse-master, and I shall give ya mine." Gimli boasted.
The Horse-man descended to the ground and came to stand directly in front of Gimli.
"I would cut off your head, Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground."
Without even thinking, I whipped out my bow and shoved it in his face, "You would die before your stroke fell."
Aragorn got in between me ad the Horse-man, lowering my bow.
"I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. This is Gimli, son of Gloin. And Legolas, of the Woodland Realm. We are friends of Rohan, and of Théoden, your King."
"Théoden no longer recognizes friend from foe. Not even his own kin," he said, taking off his helmet, "Saruman has poisoned the mind of the King and claimed lordship over these lands. My company are those still loyal to Rohan. And for that, we are banished. The White Wizard is cunning. He walks here and there, they say, as an old man, hooded and cloaked. And everywhere his spies slip past our nets." he said, looking at me rather nastily.
"We are no spies. We track a party of Uruk-hai westward across the plain. They have takenthree of our friends captive."
"The Uruks are destroyed, we slaughtered them during the night."
"There were two hobbits. Did you see two hobbits with them?" Gimli yelled.
"They would be small, only children to your eyes." Aragorn put in.
"We left none alive. We piled the carcasses and burned them." he said, pointing to a smoke cloud.
Wait. Herenya!
"An elf-maiden! Was there an elf-maiden?" I yelled.
He nodded, "I was waiting for you to bring her up. We saw her, underneath a great Uruk. She was unconcious. I do not know how we even saw her. Her cloak was covering her so that we could barely see her. But her face stood out so clearly, as if we were led there by some other force. She is a beauty, and I want to know for sure that she is not put into wrong hands again. Describe her to me."
I was filled with outrage, "But she is my fiancé!" I calmed myself, then spoke, "She, has hair, long, and brown, and as wild as the wind. And her skin is golden, it glows like the sun. Her eyes are a vivid green, more-so than any blade of grass. She has three necklaces on her neck, they are her tears. I made them for her. Her name is Herenya Lotheruanna, and she is all that is dear in my life and I would only like to hold her again!" I pleaded.
"Legolas?" I heard a voice yell out.
"Let her go," the Horse-man called.
"Legolas" I heard again.
That voice. Bells.
Slowly, the horse-men parted, and to get to her faster I pushed through the horses.

*Your P.O.V.*
You felt jostled again.
*I can't still be with Uruks! Can I?*
But something was different. You were sitting,and you could smell horses.
Without thinking, you yelled, "Legolas?!"
Finally you opened your eyes adn found you were in a crowd of men, all circling something. The man on the horse in front of you, got off and helped you down.
"Legolas?" you asked him.
He simply nodded his head. You were overwhelmed with joy. Finally! You made your way through the horse-men, all of them parting. You could hear a familiar face yelling out, "Herenya!" You ran faster. Finlly, you broke through the horse-men, seeing the most beautiful face in all of Middle-Earth.
Running, you jumped into Leoglas' arms. He cried out in joy and held you tight. You began to cry. As if no one else was there.
"What is wrong?" he asked, concerned.
"I thought I would never see you again."
"I never stopped hoping. I found your necklace." he pulled the beautiful jewel from his neck adn placed it, once again, on yours.
"I felt so alone." you whispered.
"You're not anymore." he said, and crashed his lips on yours.
When you two tried to walk back to Aragorn and Gimli you reallized how much you hurt. From what that damned Uruk did to you. With a cry of pain, you stopped.
"What is wrong?" Legolas asked again.
"I hurt."
"What did they do to you?" he asked quickly.
"I will tell you later. Just, I feel I can not move."
Legolas quickly, without hesitation, picked you up bridal style, and you clung to him. Finding Aragorn and Gimli again in the middle, you hugged them both and noticed that the men had given you three horses. First, you needed to thank the man who saved you.
"I thank you so very much, kind sir, for saving me, adn for reuniting me with my friends. I will pray to the Valar that all your lives be long, adn filled with much happiness and wealth." with that, you kissed him lightly on the cheek and he turned a light shade of pink.
You quickly returned back to Legolas as the Horse-man put back his helmet adn raised onto his horse. "Look for your friends. But do not trust to hope, it has forsaken these lands. We ride North!"
"You will ride with me, Herenya. Gimli can manage a horse on his own." Legolas took you and helpedyou up onto a beautiful white horse. When he mounted behind you, you leaned your back against his broad chest. It felt so good to be back in his arms.
The whole way to the fire Legolas was whispereing to you and his hands roamed your body, sprouting a fire inside that felt unquenchable. You turned around in the saddle, facing Legolas.
"You are such a brat." you whispered.
"You love this brat." he said, smiling, and pulling you closer to him so that your thighs were resting on his.
"How would you know? Besides, that Horse-man was quite endearing."
Legolas' fists clenched adn his face went red.
"But then again, I prefer a man without hair on his face." you said, rubbing Legolas' cheek.
His face went back to normal and his fists unclenched, but he stiffened as you began to rub his chest.
"Now who is the brat?" he smirked.
"I decided I kinda like brats."
"Really now?" he smirked again.
Legolas leaned in and kissed you. You were so swept up in it that you completely forgot about what happened last night.
Legolas sighed and placed his forhead against yours, "Oh, I have missed you. I never want to apart for that long again."
"Oh, I know. I truly thought that I would never see you again, or that they would kill me before you found me."
"I do not even understand why they only took you, Merry, adn Pippin, though.
"I think that they were ordered to capture the hobbits. Gandalf trusted Saruman before and must have told him about Frodo. But what Saruman did not know, was how many hobbits there were. They never saw Frodo, or Sam. Only Merry and Pippin. But I do not know why they would take me, either."
"Wow, my girl is smart."he said kissing you.
"Speaking of Frodo adn Sam, where are they?"
"Frodo and Sam went to Mordor alone. Obviously someone told Frodo he needed to do that. It is a good thing Sam went with him though. I think Sam will be Frodo's control against the Ring."
"Yes, Samwise is a strong one."
"Oh, so it is Sam you want then?" Legolas said, making a pouty face.
"Awe. Wegowas is a wittle baby." you cooed, "Come to mama!"
Legolas put his head on your shoulder and hugged you tight, "Oh mama." he whispered as he kissed your neck.
You laughed as he pawed at you, "Stop it, you are so immature." you shrieked/laughed.
Legolas' hands snaked around your waist and cupped your bottom. He pulled you so close that you could feel him harden beneath you. He bound your lips with his in one swift movement. A rush went through you.
"Hey," Aragorn yelled, "at least do that kind of stuff where we can't see it!"
You laughed and turned back around, much to Legolas' dismay and layed your back against his chest again.
*Yes. It was good to be back!*