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I Will Always Be Here for You

22. A Horrible Truth

Sorry dudettes, this one is gonna be short. I kinda got a little writer's block. But don't worry, I'll try to put out a new story every week. So here you go. Enjoy it man.
You and Legolas kept it low and cool until the four of you came upon the great fire of Uruks. As it was getting dark already, it was hard to see any tracks, so you decided to camp a little ways away from the fire.
"Do you think they're in that?" Gimli asked you, very sad.
"No. I do not think they are. I think, if when the men were piling them up, they would have noticed Merry and Pippin. They would have stood out in all the orcs." you explained.
"I love how smart you are." Legolas whispered in your ear.
"Legolas? Can we go talk?" you asked, "In private?"
"Of course."
You and Legolas walked off a ways so that you were hidden around a bend of trees. Legolas looked at you expectantly.
"Can we sit down?" you asked.
You both sat and fell into an awkward silence.
"Did I do something? Are you mad at me?" Legolas blurted out.
"No! No! No! I'm far from mad at you!"
"Then what is it?"
You looked down at your lap shyly.
"You can tell me anything."
"An Uruk . . . did . . . something to me."
"What did it do?"
"It hurt so bad. I don't want to look at the damage."
"What did it do?" Legolas said louder.
You began to cry and, looking at Legolas, you slowly lifted your skirts and motioned, with your eyes, for Legolas to look.
Legolas lifted your skirts more. You leaned against a tree to give Legolas a better look. Legolas finally had your skirts all the way up, you turned your head away and shut your eyes, afraid to see the look on Legolas' face.
"Oh Valar Herenya!" Does it not hurt?"
"All the time! I am so sorry."
"What are you sorry for? You could not have stopped it."
"I wanted to be able to spend a special night with you when we found eachother, but then this happened."
"It's okay."
Tears were flowing freely down your face by now.
"Why? I figured they didn't think of things like that. I wanted to go through life knowing only one man had ever been able to have me."
"No, sshh. It'll be okay. You'll heal and we'll make a big family. We'll live happily ever after."
"I'm worried."
"About what?"
"It hurt so much. There was so much pain. What if it didn’t only hurt me?"
"Don't think that way Herenya. That child is still in your belly, andit will be a healthy, and strong child."
"I pray every day Legolas. I can still feel it. Inside me. The pain. The horrible laughter from it before it died. It haunts my sleep."
"Don't worry. I'm here. Everything is going to be fine. Now come on, let's go sit by the fire, okay?"
Ya, okay." you said, nodding.
You and Legolas sat by the fire, and after a few minutes of sitting against Legolas' chest, you fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.