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I Will Always Be Here for You

23. Awakening

Your sleep may have been dreamless, but is did not go uninterrupted. Something woke you up in the night.
You were startled awake by the sound of the horses neighing, then running away. It seemed everyone else heard it also. Legolas quickly got up and tried to run for the horses but came back shortly after. You got a strange feeling, but at the same time, a reassuring one.
“Who is that?” you asked, looking towards a man, standing where the horses used to be.
The man stood tall, wearing long, white cloaks, and white hood. His face was somehow not visible. A thought came into your head about what the Horse-man had said before.
*“The White Wizard is cunning. He walks here and there they say. As an old man, hooded and cloaked.”*
“Saruman.” Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli all grunted at the same time.
*What is with the male species and grunting when they are angry?*
Gimli was about to charge ‘Saruman’, but you quickly stopped him and everyone put their attention on you as you spoke.
“If it is Saruman, then his is a Wizard, and can do much more damage to you then you to him.”
Everyone understood, and by the time you all looked up again ‘Saruman’ was gone.
(BTW: If people at this point are wondering where this part of the story came from, and are saying “But Jessica, this isn’t in the movie!” Then I have one thing to say: “Read the gosh darn books!” Just thought I’d mention that.)
The four of you tried to forget the lonely old man who’d been there to startle the horses. But you couldn’t help but feel that their cries sounded like joy, like familiarity, like a reunion. But a reunion with what?