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I Will Always Be Here for You

28. Aftermath

“I was wrong, Legolas.” You sighed.
“About what?” he asked you.
“It wasn’t you I saw fall, it was Haldir!” you cried.
Legoals held you.
“I may not have liked the man very much, but he was not that bad, I mean, he was going to help us with everything and all.”
“It is all right. You could not have done anything either way.”
“Oh I know.”
On the way back to Edoras, you stopped at Isengard. All around the great tower was a pool of water, trees from Fangorn were surrounding, busily planting more trees where the Uruks had cut them down. The company rode through the trees and distant voices could be heard.
“I feel like I’m back at the Green Dragon, after a hard day’s work.” You recognized as Pippin.
“Only, you’ve never done a hard day’s work.” Merry said.
Both the Hobbits laughed, and then stood up and yelled when they saw the company come through the trees.
“Welcome, my lords, to Isengard.” Merry said, lifting his arms in the air.
“You young rascals! A merry hunt you’ve led us on, and now we find you feasting, and, and smoking!” Gimli grumbled.
You smiled.
“I knew you were all right!” you exclaimed.
“We are sitting on a field of victory, enjoying a few well earned comforts.” Pippin said, with a mouth full of food, “The salted pork is particularly good.”
Merry puffed out smoke.
“Salted pork?” Gimli asked.
“Hobbits.” Gandalf muttered.
Merry continued, “We’re under orders from Treebeard, who’s taken over management of Isengard.”
You took Pippin and sat him in behind you on the horse, and Aragorn took Merry. You made your way closer to the tower.
“Young master Gandalf.” Treebeard said slowly.
You looked up at him in awe.
“I’m glad you’ve come. Wood and water, stock and stone I can master. But there’s a Wizard to manage her, locked in his tower.”
“And there Saruman must remain under your guard, Treebeard.”
“Well, let’s just have his head and be done with it.” Gimli urged.
“No. He has no power anymore.”
Treebeard growled, “The filth of Saruman, is washing away. Trees will come back to live here . . .”
You felt Pippin behind you, jump off. He waded in the water, towards something glowing. He bent down and picked it up.
*A palantir!*
“Bless my bark!”
“Peregrin Took!” Gandalf called, “I’ll take that, my lad.”
Pippin looked at it hesitantly, until Gandalf urged, “Quickly now.”
Pippin handed it over, and Gandalf wrapped it in his cloak, concealing it.
You rode back to Edoras after, and a ceremony was held for those that had fallen.
Théoden stood at the head of the room. Everyone else stood when Théoden made a toast.
“Tonight we remember those who gave their blood to defend this country. Hail the victorious dead.”
“Hail!” Everyone said, raising their glasses, then drinking from them.
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Aragorn hesitate, then drink.
*He was much closer to Haldir.*
During the celebration there was much dancing and men kept approaching you, asking you to dance. You said yes most of the time, unless your feet, or your back were hurting. You stopped and listened to Merry and Pippin sing atop a table.
“Oh, you can search far and wide.
You can drink the whole town dry.
But you’ll never find a beer so brown.
But you’ll never find a beer so brown.
As the one we drink in our hometown.
As the one we drink in our hometown.
You can drink your fancy ales.
You drink ‘em by the flagon.
But the only brew for the brave and true.
Comes from the Green Dragon.”
Even Gandalf was enjoying himself.
That night you went to bed, happy and warm, with Legolas by your side.
In the middle of the night, you awoke to find Legolas gone. You wrapped yourself in a cloak and went outside, finding Legolas looking out at the stars.
“I never knew I would need to sleep so much.” You laughed, “I am sure it must be boring for you, being the only one awake.”
“I am all right.” Legolas placed his palm on your cheek, and kissed you softly, then looked out again with a sigh.
“What is wrong?”
“I feel something.”
Aragorn came out and stood beside Legolas.
“The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the east. A sleepless malice. The Eye of the enemy is moving.”
You all stood, looking out, watching the dark sky, and the clouds move over the stars.
You could feel it too. The enemy was planning something. Then, suddenly, you became frightened. Legolas spoke for you.
“He is here.”
You ran into the room to find Pippin writhing on the floor, Merry yelling for help, and Gandalf grabbing a blanket. Aragorn grabbed the palantir out of Pippin’s hands, he began to writhe. Legolas grabbed him by the shoulders and he dropped the great, flaming palantir. Gandalf threw a blanket over top and all went silent. Pippin was lying on the floor, in a daze.
“Fool of a Took!” Gandalf yelled.
Gandalf ran to Pippin, placed his fingers on Pippin’s brow, and muttered a few unheard words. You watched impatiently until Pippin began breathing shakily and he opened his eyes, looking around cautiously.
“Look at me.” Gandalf said.
“Gandalf, forgive me.” Pippin said, closing his eyes.
“Look at me. What did you see?”
“A tree. There was a white tree, in a courtyard of stone. It was dead. The city was burning.
“Minas Tirith? Is that what you saw?”
“I saw, I saw him. I could hear his voice in my head.”
“And what did you tell him? Speak!”
“He asked me my name. I didn’t answer. He hurt me.”
“What did you tell him about Frodo and the Ring?”