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I Will Always Be Here for You

3. Unknown Lovers

The fellowship had just now arrived at the base of the mountain pass. The whole group was a little depressed for having to go over the mountains.
*Legolas' P.O.V.*
I looked behind me and saw that Herenya was quite a ways away and out of ear shot so I decided to ask Aragorn for his advice on something.
“Aragorn?” I called.
“Yes, Legolas?” he answered.
“Can I ask you for some advice?”
“Of course, anything for an old friend.”
“Well, have you ever...been love with someone, that you know you can not be? Oh Valar. I feel so stupid. Of course you have. You do.”
“Legolas, it is alright. I know what you speak of and whom you speak of.”
“Is it that obvious?”
“No, I'm sure no one else has noticed that you can't stop looking at her, or that you go red when she looks at you. Or even...”
“All right! I get it. You can stop making me feel like a child now.”
“Legolas, I couldn't help but over hear that you are in fact inlove with the beautiful Herenya.” Gandalf trutted it.
“Oh great, someone else to tease me.”
“Well it is quite obvious. It's a wonder how she doesn't know.” Pippin remarked beside me.
“Will everyone please get out of my business!?”
“Legolas, just have patience and when the time is right ,you will know what to do.” Gandalf added.
“Thank you Mithrandir.”
“I do see something between you in the future, for good or bad, I cannot tell.” Gandalf tried to reassure me.
“Well, that'll make him feel alot better.” Merry smirked.
“Well, I am going to check ahead.”
*Herenya's P.O.V.*
You watched as Legolas talked with Aragorn, Gandalf, and Merry and Pippin. He looked quite annoyed, you thought. He walked away, and ahead of everyone, so you decided to walk beside Aragorn.
“Hello Herenya.” Aragorn said to you.
“Hello Aragorn.” You said quietly.
“Is something the matter Herenya?”
Aragorn looked at you a little concerned as you kept looking at the ground.
“Oh nothing. How long have you known Legolas?”
“For about 50 years. Why?”
“Do you trust him?”
“I trust him like a brother. Why?”
“Nothing. Just wondering.”
“I knew it!” he laughed.
You had looked up quickly now. Wondering what Aragorn thought he knew.
“You love him.”
“Oh come on now Aragorn. What is wrong with you? I have never let myself fall for someone.”
“Stop lying to me Herenya.”
“I am not.”
“Herenya, I know you, and you're keeping something from me. No secrets!”
“I am not hiding anything!”
You looked at Aragorn and he was wathcing you with a smirk on his face.
“Oh fine! Are you happy now? But it doesn't matter. Ada is making me marry Glorfindel. I cannot get out of it. I am betrothed.”
“No you're not. Not yet. Something could happen to change things. You never know. Do not lose hope Herenya.”
“Thank you Aragorn.”
You decided to walk a ways away from the group, thinking about everything. When the fellowship stopped to sleep for the night you fell asleep thinking of all the possible things that could happen with you and Legolas, all of them ending badly.
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