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I Will Always Be Here for You

31. Concentration

The next day, Pippin was at a ceremony, Denethor was making Pippin an honorary servant. You went walking through the city, looking for a place that was a little more elf-like. It was a long shot, but you approached a kind-looking woman and called to her,
“Excuse me?”
The woman looked over at you and you noticed that you were a good foot taller than her, her back was slouched and she moved slowly, “Can I help you?”
“I was wondering if you could show me somewhere in the city that might be a little more peaceful, some place with trees, or grass, or flowers, a garden perhaps.”
“Of course, young lady. Follow me.” She smiled.
“Thank you very much.”
The woman led you around the city, along paths and you watched carefully, making sure you knew how to get there and back. After a few minutes of silence, the woman asked you,
“Are you that elf maiden who came in with that White Rider yesterday?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Why are you’s here?”
“And don’t worry; you need not worry about spilling something. We all know that war is coming.”
“Yes, I’m afraid it is.”
“I could sense it.”
“Well, I’m not quite sure what it is, but sometimes I can see things, in my mind.”
“Yes, I know what you mean.”
The woman finally showed you to a small garden, with beautiful flowers of every color, and green grass, with a small apple tree sitting in a corner.
“Thank you so very much.” You said to the woman.
“It was no problem. This world needs more people helping people.”
“Yes, it does.”
The woman walked away, humming to herself, slowly going back up the paths to her little house. It was amazing how someone with so little could be so happy.
Banishing the woman from you mind for a while, you sat underneath the tree, crossing you legs. You thought of what Sauron might be thinking of doing. How could you hold him back? After a while of sitting and thinking, you remembered what Pippin had asked you last night, about being able to see Frodo, and Sam. You decided that now was a perfect time to try. Hopefully it could strengthen your mind.
As you sat on the ground, you closed your eyes, feeling all your senses heighten. The feel of the grass was softer underneath you, the wind caressed your face, and the sun warmed your skin. You thought strongly on all the times you’d spent with Frodo and Sam. You remembered the first night you ever met Sam, it was at the feast. He was so anxious, and delighted to be accompanied by so many Elves. You remember the way Frodo looked when he first saw Bilbo. So happy, and joyful, yet sad at the same time. You remember the rosiness in the Hobbits’ cheeks, how they smiled and laughed. Slowly you began to see images of Frodo and Sam, but whether they were happening at the moment, you weren’t sure. Frodo and Sam were spattered with dirt, and both of them looked much skinnier, and exhausted than when you last saw them. A grovelling creature was leading them up a great stair, on the side of a rock wall. The creature was about the same size, and he seemed almost transparent. He moved like a frog, and always had an evil flicker in his eye. This must be the Gollum creature Gandalf talks about. The last time you saw him, he was following you in the River Anduin and you hadn’t gotten a very good look at him. As they came to the top of the stair, they stood outside a dark cave. A sense of danger came out of it. Slowly, the Hobbits followed Gollum into the cave and the image went black.
What was the meaning of it?
You sat there concentrating, trying to retrieve the image of Frodo and Sam. All that you found was black, a deep dark black, you became hot, feeling as if steam was all around you, a rank odour found your nose and then a piercing screech rang inside your head, you writhed on the ground, holding your head. The black left and it was replaced by a great, fiery, red eye. A voice was mingled into the screeching,
“Herenya . . .” it whispered, “Come to me, Herenya. We could be good together. Be my Queen Herenya . . .”
You screamed back at the voice, “No!”
Suddenly, you felt hands shaking you, and you were brought out of your concentration, the hot, sticky feeling left, the image of the eye left, and then all went quiet.
You opened your eyes, finding yourself on the ground, your gown was sticking to you, and your breaths were heavy. A man stood over you.
“Are you all right?” he practically yelled.
“Please don’t yell.”
The man helped you to your feet and you held your stomach as the baby kicked inside you once again. You whispered an apology to the angry child inside of you.
The man asked you again, “Are you all right?”
You simply replied, “I’m great.”
The man gave you a confused look.
“That happened yesterday too, just not so dramatic. I think I need to find Gandalf.”
“Oh I just saw him. He’s with my father. Better not interrupt them.”
“As long as it’s not Lord Denethor I don’t care who Gandalf’s with.”
“Lord Denethor is my father.”
“Oh, but . . .”
“I’m Boromir’s brother, Faramir.”
“Oh,” you realized, he did kind of look like Boromir, “I wasn’t aware Boromir had a brother. Nice to meet you. I am Herenya.” You nodded your head in his direction.
“Herenya?” Faramir said, as if it was familiar, “Herenya Lotheruanna?”
“Yes, but . . .”
“I think I met some friends of yours earlier.”
“Who?” You asked hurriedly.
“They were strange little things. Hobbits they called themselves.”
“Frodo and Sam?”
“Yes. Them.”
“Oh, I would dearly love to hear about them, but I would rather like to change out of this gown first.” You said, pointing to the sweat soaked cloth hanging off your shoulders.
“Yes, of course. I can escort you to your room if you like.”
“Oh, that won’t be necessary. I only need somewhere private.”
“Well, the hospital is right this way, you can use a room in there.” He said, confused.
“By the look on your face I see you do not understand why I need not my room. I will explain to you after you explain to me about your meeting Frodo and Sam.”
“Very well then.”
Faramir led you to the hospital where you quickly went into a room, making sure there was a window. You opened it, and then shedding off your dirty gown you worked your magic. You used the little stream to make yourself a beautiful blue gown, which seemed to be flowing off of you, as a waterfall does off a cliff. Around the trim at the neck there were little beads in the fabric, like to little drops of rain. A white, water lily wound itself into your hair, seeming to become livelier as it did so.
You came out and Faramir exclaimed, “You look even more beautiful than before.”
You blushed and took Faramir’s extended hand as he led you back under the apple tree.
“Now tell me about your strange actions, lady Lotheruanna.”
“Please, Herenya.”
“All right. Tell me of your strange actions, Herenya.”
You told Faramir everything that had happened along the road since you left Rivendell. Obviously you left out the details with you and Legolas, telling Faramir only that you gained your powers because of Legolas. And then you came to the subject of what had happened when he found you.
“I was concentrating, trying to see Frodo and Sam. I succeeded for a while, until they disappeared. I don’t understand it, but then I saw the Eye of Sauron, and this disgusting smell filled my nose, and t a steam-like heat enveloped me, and a piercing screech rang through my head. And that’s when you found me.”
“Well, you certainly are an interesting person, lady Herenya, and oh-so very kind; I do hope everything works out for you.” Faramir smiled.
“Now tell me about your meeting with Frodo and Sam. Where did you see them, and when?”
“In Ithilien, not two days ago.”
“And how did you leave them?”
“They took the road to the Morgul Vale, against my better judgement.”
“And then the pass of Cirith Ungol.” You gasped.