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I Will Always Be Here for You

32. Defeat?

*Faramir’s P.O.V.*
Why do I feel this way? I thought as I went to meet Herenya in the garden. She’s the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. The way her eyes sparkle in the sun, how her face lights up when she smiles, the rosiness of her cheeks, and her creamy silk skin. I love it all. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.
As I stepped out into the garden I saw her there already, looking towards the horizon in sorrow. It pained me to see her in pain. When she turned around at the sound of my footfalls she smiled and her face became bright. She was beautiful as she stood at the low wall surrounding the garden. She wore a silken gown in a pale pink, but at the slightest movement it turned to oranges, purples, blues, and greens, like a sunrise. A blooming red rose held her hair back as it blew in the wind, as if a living thing.
“Good morning, Faramir. It is wonderful to see you again.” She nodded.
“The pleasure is all mine.” I said, bowing and taking her hand, planting a kiss on it. She smelt like a clear summer breeze.
“You are too kind. I am no more honorary than you, Faramir.”
“On the contrary, you are an elven princess, and this garden seems to dull compared to you.” I smiled.
She blushed, “Do not say such things, the flowers have feeling also.
She looked up in surprise as a small bird came to fly around her head. “Oh, hello.” She said gleefully as she placed two fingers in front of her for the bird to perch on. The bird sat, looking up at Herenya, fluttered all its feathers, and began to chirp gaily. Herenya simply moved her war towards the bird and seemed to listen. Her face became pleasant and happiness took over her facial expression.
“Thank you, little one.” Herenya thanked the bird as she stroked its feathers and it took off into the sky.
“What did the bird say?” I asked her.
“Rohan is on its way. I must get started. I still need to strengthen my mind very much.”
“I can stay if you like, if something happens again.” I offered.
“Thank you, I would be very grateful.”

*Your P.O.V.*
You sat down under the apple tree once again ad you decided you would try and see where Legolas and Aragorn were. You focused all your thought on the moments you’d had with Legolas. You saw the first moment you’d seen him, at the feast, then when he spoke to you after catching you with Glorfindel. The way he looked with the sun or the moon out. You remember how ethereal he looked in the lights of Lothlorien, and then the first night you made love.
You began to see an image of Legolas, on horse-back, Gimli sitting behind him, huffing and puffing about how he would rather walk. You laughed. But the image didn’t last; it changes to you, in child-birth. You were faint, and Legolas wasn’t there. The war had gone wrong. You saw Legolas, being tortured by Sauron. He was screaming, but he wouldn’t say a thing, he only whispered, “I’m sorry, Herenya.” And then the image went black, Legolas’ screams still rang in your head.
You awoke, being shaken by Faramir.
“Herenya! Wake up! It’s okay. What happened?”
You were crying hard, tears soaked your cheeks and lips.
“No. Legolas!” you screamed.
Faramir quickly took you in his arms, hushing you, and rocking you back and forth.
“What happened?” he asked when you finally calmed down.
“I saw what would happen if Sauron had rule.” You said quietly, tears threatening to burst through again. “I need to speak with Legolas, but I know not how.”
A guard came running in, “Lord Faramir, Lord Denethor requests your presence.”
“All right.” Faramir answered, the turned to you, “Will you be all right?”
“Yes, I am fine.”
“Very well, I will see you soon.”
“’Til then.”
Faramir took your hand, kissing it once again, causing you to blush.
After being in the garden for a few minutes you became restless and decided to stroll through the city, until you found many people crowded around the path. You broke through and found Gandalf chasing after Faramir as Faramir rode with many armed men towards the gat. Gandalf was yelling,
“Faramir! Faramir! Your father’s will has turned to madness. Do not throw away your life so rashly.”
“Where does my allegiance lie if not here?”
“Your father loves you, Faramir. He will remember it before the end.”
“Faramir!” you called.
Faramir halted, and dismounted.
“What is the meaning of this?” you asked.
“My father has sent me to fight for Osgiliath.” He said calmly.
“But you’ll surely die!” you cried.
“Herenya, I have to do this. Do you know how it feels to have to live in the shadow of a sibling?”
“Yes. I do understand, Faramir. But this will not win your father’s love.”
“No matter, I have to do this.” Faramir began to turn away.
You grabbed his arm, “But you do not, you need not do this.” A tear ran down your cheek.
Faramir wiped it away. “Don’t cry for me.”
“But . . .”
“Herenya, no matter what happens to me, I will always love you.” He said, sorrow in his eyes.
Just then, Faramir held your head with both hands, and kissed you lightly on the lips.
“Legolas is very lucky. I hope to meet him one day.”
Faramir mounted his horse once again and his army continued on their way to sure defeat.