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I Will Always Be Here for You

33. The Dead Awaken

You ran to the garden and looked out at the army, Faramir in lead.
*Please, Valar. Keep him safe.*
The army charged towards Osgiliath and all looked out and watched. Magnificent they seemed, and brave, but the orcs hid and pulled out bows. One by one the men fell, their horses tumbling down, Faramir with them. All of Minas Tirith became sorrowful.
That night, you decided you would try and speak with Legolas. Once the sun went down, and the entire city to rest, you crept out to the garden and once again say under the apple tree. You did the same as you had done before, remembered everything of Legolas and you saw him, sitting in the moonlight. Rohan was assembled at Dunharrow. Legolas sat quietly, looking out, thinking.
With all your strength you yelled to him,
“Herenya?” he said, looking around.
“It worked? Legolas?”
“Herenya, where are you?”
“I am in Minas Tirith.”
“But how?”
“I have learned to see into the present and the future. And I thought it would be right to try and speak out with my mind.”
“Herenya, oh Valar. Are you all right?”
“Yes, yes. Denethor is only a massive prick, more so than Théoden, but I met his son. Boromir’s brother Faramir and he is so kind. He has been watching me while I have been using my mind. He wanted to meet you.” You said sadly.
“Herenya, are you all right?”
“Denethor sent Faramir to his death in Osgiliath. I saw him fall. I do not believe he is yet alive.”
“Herenya, I am so sorry.”
An interruption was made as Gimli came sauntering up to Legolas.
“Legolas, we must go. He is leaving.” Gimli said.
“Herenya, I will see you as soon as I can. I love you.”
“I love you too.” You whispered.
Finally you went back to your room and had a very uneasy sleep.
In the morning you awoke to the sound of orc horns and people running around the city, preparing for war. You ran out and found men carrying a man’s body on a dais to the Citadel.
“Faramir!?” you yelled.
Pippin quickly ran out and knelt down beside Faramir as he was placed on the ground. Denethor was pacing angrily, yelling,
“Faramir! Say not that he has fallen.”
“They were outnumbered. None survived.” A guard explained.
Orcs began catapulting the dead soldiers’ heads into the city.
“My sons are spent. My line has ended.” Denethor cowered.
“He’s alive!” Pippin announced.
“The House of Stewards has failed.”
“He needs medicine, my Lord.”
“My line has ended!” Denethor yelled, and then looked out over the city, “Rohan has deserted us.” A boulder hit the city. “Théoden’s betrayed me.” Denethor went crazy, yelling, “Abandon you posts! Flee! Flee for your lives!”
Gandalf whacked Denethor with his staff and Denethor fell to the ground, Gandalf yelled, “Prepare for battle!”
Just then a great boulder smote the city and a pain shot through your head.
“Herenya.” A voice whispered.
A Nazgul screeched and it seemed to echo in your head. You fell to the ground.
“Get her inside, and keep her safe.” Gandalf commanded and you were brought to your room. Immediately the screeching stopped and you seemed to be left in a state of daze. You could feel his presence, but he was unseen.
“Herenya, how kind of you to join me.” Sauron whispered in your ear.
“Oh, I would miss this not for the world.” You said sarcastically.
“I heard you were a feisty one.”
“I saved it just for you.”
“Although, I never was told what a pretty little thing you were.”
“That was not saved for you.”
Sauron laughed a slow, deep laugh which resonated from his unseen throat.
“Why do you not show yourself?”
“I have not a human form. That is what I need the Ring for. You know where it is.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“I think you do. Tell me where it is.”
“Be my queen. Rule with me. If I had my human form I could take care of you. I could please you.” You felt an invisible hand glide down your body and a mouth trace your neck.
“Touch me not with your filth.” You spat.
Outside, it was now dark and the battle continued on.
“But you are what I want. When I get the Ring I shall take you, too. And your little Legolas will be taken for my torture. You will see him suffer. And it will all be of your doing. All you have to do is tell me where the Ring is.”
“You will never succeed. You will die, and all your evil disappear. A king will return to the throne of Men. You are the one who should be afraid.”
“Are you sure? Or are you only trying to scare me? Perhaps I will reign and the entire world will fall under my rule. A new day is coming. A day of Sauron.”
“A day of Aragorn. A new era, where Men will once again be kings and not have to live the shadow of Mordor, fearing for their lives every day.”
“Even if you do succeed in defeating me, your kind will never be again. You and all your kin will leave over the sea, never to be remembered. Everything you did for the world will be gone and no one will know who you are, remember how you defeated the great Sauron. No one will care.”
“We have always known a day will come when we would have to leave the world. We have done enough for Men and it is their time to rule. And later on, people will still remember us. They will remember how Sauron lost his precious ring and, like a small child, whined until he got what he deserved.”
Outside, it was dawn, and Rohan’s armies came charging, killing a great many orcs.
Sauron hit you right across the face.
“You speak too quickly, and do not think, you little tramp.”
“No one calls me a tramp.” You scolded, and finally, using all your strength, you threw Sauron out of your mind and the Eye trembled as Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli with the Dead Army ran threw, killing everything in their path, and Eowyn thrust her sword into the Witch-king’s cloak as he shrivelled up and was gone into the wind, never to be seen again.