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I Will Always Be Here for You

35. The Final Battle

You were in a world of black. Nothing could be seen. Pain still shot through you as you tried to give birth to the baby, but Sauron was stopping it.
“Please, let my baby live.” You cried, holding your stomach.
“Now why would I do such a thing?” a soft, deep voice cooed to you from the darkness.
“Get away from me!”
“You’re mine, Herenya! You can’t stop it. I know, oh, I know. The King is right at my gates.”
“They shall beat you.”
“On the contrary, most of their men are already dead. You can’t stop me now. Your baby will die, Legolas, and all that you love will suffer before your eyes, and you will be for my pleasure.” Sauron whispered, as his hands slithered their way onto your thighs.
“Touch me not!”
“You can’t fight me, Herenya. I’m too strong for you.”
A strong hand pushed you down, and you fell to your knees, then onto your back.
“I hate you so much.” You whispered, sweat was pouring through you, causing your gown to stick to you, revealing everything.
“I have not felt this aroused by anyone in such a long time.” Sauron mumbled.
“Get away from me!” you yelled, crawling back, slashing your arms in the air.
Sauron gripped your wrists tight, and you went immobile. Your arms were pushed down, along with your body.
“No.” you whispered, shaking your head violently, “Stop it, please.”
“Beg for mercy all you want Herenya. I won’t give it to you.”
“You bastard!” you spit where you thought his face might be.
“Kinky.” He whispered.
The battle was going badly. Men were dying, and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were getting tired. Frodo was standing over the fires of Mount Doom, about to take the Ring for himself.
Sauron’s invisible body was crushing yours as his greedy hands groped and prodded you, his mouth on your neck. You cried for yourself, and for your baby, which would surely die. It’s what he plans to do, you thought.
In the hospital, the baby is slowly dying; you are unconscious in the bed. Faramir is holding tightly to your hand, waiting for it to grow strong. Aragorn is pinned under the troll, Legolas is fighting towards him. Frodo is fighting with Gollum, his finger bit off.
Sauron lifts your skirts, and with one last struggle you writhe your body to and fro, trying to loosen Sauron’s grip.
The Eagles have come through the clouds, fighting the Nazgul. Gollum has fallen into Mount Doom, along with the Ring. Sauron’s armies flee before the gates.
Sauron screams, a terrifying, screeching scream. He is dying, the Ring is destroyed, and the King of Men is still alive.
All Sauron’s land has fallen, destroyed. All in his service are pulled into the wreckage.
A messenger has rushed to the battle. When he found Legolas, he told him the news. Legolas leapt onto Shadowfax, with Gandalf’s permission, and sped back towards Minas Tirith.
As Faramir sat, holding your hand, he became aware of strength in them. He looked up at your face to see your eyes wide open. You begin to cry, trying to push the baby out. It’s already dead, you thought, I couldn’t save it. You continue to push, yelling, and sweating.
That’s when Legolas ran in, rushing to your side.
“Herenya, I am so sorry!” he yells.
“Not the greatest time for that Legolas!” you yell, in between a push.
Legolas takes your other hand, nodding at Faramir.
“It’s gone. I know it is. Legolas, I am sorry, I couldn’t stop him.” You cried.
“Don’t worry about that, Herenya. Just worry about getting it out.” Legolas whispered to you.
“We’ve got the head.” A woman said.
When you looked up, you saw it was the nice, little woman who had led you to the garden. You smiled at her.
“It’s alive.” She said again.
You and Legolas both sighed in joy.
“One more push, Herenya.” She said to you.
With one final push, the baby came out and you heard the most wonderful thing ever, the baby’s cry.
“Oh, Valar, thank you.” You prayed, closing you eyes, laying back.
The old woman wiped your baby, then wrapped it in a blanket and placed it in your arms.
“It’s a boy.” She smiled at you and Legolas.
With one look at your child, you smiled, and said, “Hello, Firiel.”
“You remembered.” Legolas whispered.
“Of course I did.”
(For anyone who doesn’t remember, Firiel is the name that Legolas said he liked for a boy.)
You smiled, you hadn’t been this happy in a long time.