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I Will Always Be Here for You

36. Forever?

*Faramir’s P.OV.*
The baby was beautiful as it lay in Herenya’s arms. I wish I could have that. I walked through the hospital when I saw a woman being carried in. Women shouldn’t be in the hospital, Men should.
“Excuse me, what is this woman doing in here?” I asked one of the women of the hospital.
“She was found on the battle field, sir. She is sister to the new King of Rohan.”
“Get her care, and get me when she awakens, I want to speak with her.”
“Yes, sir.”
She is of noble birth. Still, I would not think that the Rohirrim would let her fight.
Peregrin, the Halfling came in, helping another Halfling walk. I stopped him.
“Peregrin, who may this be?” I inquired.
“Lord Faramir, this is my best friend and fellow Hobbit, Meriadoc Brandybuck. He came with the Rohirrim and he has fought a great battle. I bring him to get care.”
“Honored am I, Master Peregrin, to be in the presence of now two Hobbits. When Master Meriadoc is better, I would very much like to be able to spend time with you, and learn much of your land, and adventures.”
“Two Hobbits? My Lord, there are now four Hobbits in this city.”
“Four? How so?”
“My friends, Frodo, and Sam have also arrived. I believe you have met them already?”
“Indeed I have, but I must confess, I did not expect them to have survived the terrors of Mordor.”
“And neither did anyone expect you to survive your charge on Osgiliath, and yet here you stand.”
“Thanks to you. Now take your friend to a room, and I shall see that he gets the best care possible, along with Frodo and Sam.”
“Thank you, my Lord.”

*Your P.O.V.*
“Legolas, he is beautiful.” You whispered.
“Yes, he is. And he is ours. We made that.”
“We did.” You said happily, “Legolas, I have never been happier in my life.”
“I want you to stay like that.”
“We still need to worry about Glorfindel. He and Ada will be here in a few days, after Aragorn’s crowning.”
“I do not want to think about them right now.”
“Neither do I.” You looked back at the baby. “You are so cute.” You cooed.

You slept for a day after the birth, slowly healing and banishing the memories of Sauron. Legolas stayed with you the whole time, sleeping with you and Firiel. The next day, the women let you leave the hospital, and so you walked around the gardens, where you first met Faramir.
You set Firiel upon the grass and he quickly took to roaming around, smelling the flowers, feeling the grass, and listening to the wind. (Elvin babies grow up WAY quicker than Mortal babies.)
“He’s so beautiful.” Said Pippin from behind you.
“Yes, he truly is.” You sighed.
“Mind if we play with him?” Merry asked.
“Not at all, go right ahead.” Legolas assured.
Merry and Pippin walked over to Firiel and sat down beside him on the grass.
“Hi.” They both said, “How are you?”
Firiel giggled and crawled over to them. He then proceeded to play with their feet, laughing at the fuzziness.
“Hey, don’t pull.” Pippin laughed.
Firiel continued to pull and laugh.
After about an hour of playing the baby finally fell asleep in Pippin’s lap.
“Awe.” You cooed.
“You seem to have tuckered the poor thing out, Pip.” Merry laughed.
“He is adorable, Herenya.” Pippin said, handing him over to you.
“Thank you.”
“Oh, we might want to go see Frodo soon, I think he is do for a wake-up.” Merry said.
“Yes, I will be going to see him.”
You and Legolas walked around a bit more with the baby tucked in your arms. Afterwards you went to see Frodo. When you got there you saw Frodo sitting up, Gandalf standing by laughing as Merry and Pippin jumped on the bed, yelling out all the things they had done while Frodo was away. When you came in with Legolas Frodo’s face lit up and he called to you,
“Herenya, I had no idea you had a child!”
“You left before you could find out, Frodo.”
“I assure you, I will not be going on any adventures, in a very, very long time.”
“That is well. And I hope there will be no need for any more.”
Frodo smiled at you and then Gimli entered the room in a huff, laughing in the jolliest way you’d ever heard. But it was when Aragorn came in that Frodo became calm, and he looked at Aragorn with utmost respect.
“He loves you Aragorn.” You said.
“I am glad you are alive, Herenya. And you have an absolutely beautiful child.”
Firiel woke up and looked over at Aragorn.
“Firiel, say hi to Uncle Aragorn.”
Aragorn gave Firiel one of his fingers and the baby giggled, shaking Aragorn’s finger.
“And he’s playful, too.”
“He knows who his family is.” You smiled.
Aragorn gave a great hug, holding you tightly.
“Well, we shall go. The baby and I are tiring.”
“Come, Herenya. I will help you.” Legolas said.
“Good bye, everyone. Finally, we may all be friends without evil.”

You walked back to your room where you placed Firiel in a cradle.
“Good night, Firiel.” You said, kissing his forehead.
Legolas did the same.
“They shall be here tomorrow.” You whispered, standing on the balcony, looking out at the horizon.
“You do not have to go.” Legolas said, wrapping his arms around your waist.
“I don't want to.” You sighed, leaning your head back on Legolas’ chest.
“I love you, Herenya, no matter what happens tomorrow.”
“Legolas, I shall always love you.”
You turned around, facing Legolas, and you kissed him sweetly on the lips. Legolas intensified the kiss as he pushed you against the railing, your tongues winding their way together.
“If tonight is to be our last night, then let us make it a night to remember.” You whispered.
“I love you.” Legolas said through a kiss as he led you to the bed