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I Will Always Be Here for You

37. Gone

*Faramir’s P.O.V.*
She is beautiful, I thought as I watched her sit in the garden. Her golden hair, just as the Rohan’s, her pale skin, and sorrowful look. If she, also, is taken by a man, I shall give up of ever finding love.
“Lady Eowyn, how is your stay?” I asked kindly.
“Why must I stay here? Can you do nothing? I wish not to stay caged like this.” She asked in a fury.
“That is the nurses’ decision. I can do nothing. Women have the rule of the hospital.” I smiled.
She turned back towards the horizon and sighed.
“Why, my lady, is one such as you, so sad? We have won the war, Evil has gone.”
“Yes, and while everyone rejoices I must stay here, behind walls of stone, as if I have done nothing.”
“My lady, everyone in the city recognizes that you have done this world a great duty. As soon as you recover I am sure you shall be rewarded.”
“The King’s crowning is today.” She whispered sadly.
“Yes, King Aragorn shall be the greatest King Gondor has seen in a very long time.”
“And I am sure he shall have his Elvin Queen.” She scoffed.
“Eowyn, I am sorry that he has a love already, but there is one other yet who has not a lady of his own.”
Eowyn continued to look at the sky. I became angry. I have been nothing but kind to this beautiful woman, appearing every time she called, and she cares not for those who really care.
“Nothing shall change how Aragorn feels about you. He never will love you as he loves her. But I will.”
“I love you, Eowyn. You are beautiful, and kind, and like no other woman I have ever met. You are strong and proud. You are amazing in my eyes.”
“Do you speak the truth?”
“I do, Eowyn, and I want to marry you. I want to have you by my side, as a renowned woman of honor.”

*Your P.O.V.*
You awoke to the birds singing in the trees, and people cheering in the streets. Legolas came over to you, holding Firiel.
“It’s time for the crowning.” He said.
“All right.”
“Remember, I love you.”
“I love you too,”
You got out of the bed, and went to the window, looking out. You stood up, stretched, and fluffed your hair. You dressed yourself in an all-white gown, wore the ring Galadriel gave you, and the head dress your mother used to love. It was two thin strings of silver woven together, but you laced small white flowers throughout it.
“You look beautiful.” Legolas sighed.
“Let us go meet our fate.”
Legolas handed you the baby and you walked up to the Citadel. A grand crowd was surrounding as Aragorn stood at the doors, Gandalf by his side.
“I would like the Ringbearer to carry the crown.” Aragorn announced.
With that, Frodo walked up with the King’s crown on a cushion.
*check here*Gandalf talked blah blah blah*end check*
Aragorn strolled through all the people. Then the time that you feared arrived. Your sister, Arwen, came through the crowd; behind her was your father, and then Glorfindel. You slowly moved behind Legolas, holding Firiel closer to you.
“It shall be all right, Herenya. Panic not.” He assured you.
“They shall see me.” You whispered.
Arwen and Aragorn embraced, and then Elrond looked around, searching.
“Come here, Herenya.” He called.
You slowly came out of hiding, secretly handing Firiel to Legolas.
“Ada.” You said emotionless.
“Herenya.” He cried, embracing you, “I have missed you so much. I was so worried. I want to tell you that I am sorry, and I should not have pressured you into marrying Glorfindel. Whoever you chose I shall stand by your decision.”
“Thank you, Ada. I want you to meet someone. He is very dear to me.”
You nodded and slowly turned to Legolas, with Firiel in his arms.
“Herenya? And Legolas? And a child?” Elrond said, looking amazed.
“Yes Ada, you are a grandfather.”
“Can I--?”
You took Firiel and placed him in Elrond’s arms. Firiel reached up and caressed Elrond’s faces and giggled.
“He is- He is- beautiful.” Elrond stuttered.
You laughed, tears of joy coming from your eyes.
“Ada, that means so much to me. Thank you.”
Elrond placed Firiel in your arms once again, and then Glorfindel broke through the crowd to you, followed by Aragorn who was trying to stall him.
“Herenya! You were promised to me and you shall be mine.” Glorfindel yelled.
“If you touch her, I shall stick a blade in your gut.” Legolas warned.
“Get him.” Glorfindel said and five elves came from behind him and grabbed Legolas by the arms.
“Glorfindel I order you to let him go. You are on my land and you shall follow my orders.” Aragorn demanded.
“I am of my own land; you have no rule over me. Come, Herenya.” He said, grabbing your arm.
“No.” you stated.
“Give me that.” Glorfindel said, grabbing for Firiel.
“Touch him ever again, and I shall kill you myself, with my bare hands.” You threatened.
“Ha. You are as useless as your mother.”
“You bastard.” You screamed at him.
Glorfindel grabbed you by the arm, dragging you off. You thrashed and kicked but his men grabbed your legs and he carried you off.
“Let her go.” Legolas yelled after you as he tried to get free from Glorfindel’s mens’ grasps.
Finally thy let Legolas go and he collapsed onto the ground. Aragorn dropped beside Legolas.
“She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone.” He whispered over and over again.
“Legolas, we can get her back.” Aragorn tried to say.
“No, we can’t. He’s taken everything. My love, my child.” He cried.
“I am sorry, Legolas.” Elrond whispered.
“This is all your fault!” Legolas yelled at him, “If only you’d let her live her life, and love who she wanted. I loved her from the moment I saw her, but you never gave her a chance!”
Legolas ran into the Citadel.
“She’s gone.” He whispered again.