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I Will Always Be Here for You

38. A Wife?

*Your P.O.V.*
You would not sleep for fear of Firiel. Glorfindel had taken you to his land, trying to impress you into loving him. You stayed by Firiel’s side every minute of every day. If you did sleep you held him close to you and the second someone walked through the door you awoke, making sure he was still in your arms. Glorfindel had already made threats against Firiel’s life.
Suddenly you felt a pain in your stomach. You took Firiel and went to see a nurse. She was an elder elf, and always looked out for you. She thought what Glorfindel was doing to you was wrong.
“Lorelin, I have a pain in my stomach, could you help me?”
“Darling, just looking at you I can tell that you are with child.” She sighed, “It is not Glorfindel, is it?”
“No! I would never let him touch me!” you said, shocked.
“Then I think you know whose it is.”
“Yes, now both children shall go without a father.”
“I am so sorry this had to happen to you, Herenya.”
“Thank you, but I must be going. Glorfindel shall be back soon, and he does not like to see me out of the room.”
“I pray to the Valar for you every day.”
“So do I, Lorelin. So do I.

You got back to the room and set Firiel on the bed.
“Firiel, I want to tell you that, whatever happens to me, you must find your father.” You said, clasping one of the tear drop necklaces around his neck.
Legolas still has one, you thought.
The door slammed and Glorfindel rushed in.
“All right, Herenya, I am sick and tired of your little games. You are my wife now and you must be a wife to me in everyway you are supposed to. Starting with this,” Glorfindel said, grabbing your arms, and forcing you to kiss him.
“Get away from me!” you yelled.
Glorfindel took the baby and plopped him into his carriage. Firiel began to cry and Glorfindel pushed you down on to the bed.
“I deserve this much. Besides, you should not have to worry about carrying my child, seeing as how you are already carrying that arrogant prince’s child.”
“How do you-?”
“I paid a little visit to your nurse friend.”
“What did you do to her?”
“Nothing, I just told her she has to stay away from you and if I ever see her talking to you again I shall have her exterminated.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“I would. Now give me what I want.”
You closed you eyes and turned the other way.
“Make it quick you pig.” You spat.