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I Will Always Be Here for You

39. Death

It’s been sixteen years to the day since Glorfindel stole you away at Minas Tirith. You had given birth to a beautiful girl, Lowren. You were sure to make it clear to the both of them that Glorfindel was not their father, and that their father was a much better Elf, a prince. A beautiful and strong prince of a great land. Firiel had grown to be a beautiful boy. He was learning archery and knife fighting. You told him all about Legolas, but Firiel couldn’t really remember anything, only a fuzzy picture of him in his head. Firiel had grown, looking exactly like Legolas, only his eyes were your green. Lowren became a beautiful woman. Her hair was brown and gold, her eyes as blue as Legolas’. She was being taught in the art of fighting as well. She also wore the other tear drop necklace.
You sat, watching your children practice their archery when they turned their attention to you,
“Mother, are you all right?” Firiel asked you, concern in his eyes.
“You look so much like your father, Firiel. Lowren, I see him in your eyes. I am now at the point where I believe I shall never see him again.” You said in a daze.
“Mother, I may never have met him, but by what you say I believe he is an amazing elf. I want to know him as a father as much as you want to know him as a husband, and I swear it will happen.” Lowren assured you.
“I love you so much. You are all that I have left.”
“Herenya! I would like a word with you.” Glorfindel yelled from the other room.
“It seems all he ever does now-a-days is yell.”
You walked into the room where Glorfindel was and he immediately pushed you against the wall.
“Get off me, Glorfindel.” You whispered.
“No, I think I deserve a little something from my wife every now and then.”
“I will never risk the chance of carrying your children.”
“Too bad.”
Glorfindel attempted to rip off your clothing, but Firiel ran in with Lowren and immediately threw him off you.
“Never touch her again, you bastard.” Firiel yelled at him.
“Why you little filth.” Glorfindel said, rushing at Firiel.
“I told you, a long time ago, that if you ever touch him again I would kill you with my bare hands.”
“You would never.”
“Firiel, Lowren, leave.” You said, pushing up your sleeves.