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I Will Always Be Here for You

4. A Wrong Decision?

The fellowship had been climbing the mountain pass for a day now but the mountain didn't like that. It was throwing everything it could at you. There were freezing temperatures, constantly. You and Legolas may not have been able to feel it, but you sort of wish you could. It would be a good excuse for Legolas to hold you. The hobbits and everyone else, for that matter, were very much feeling the concequences of the cold. Gandalf however, was refusing to turn back. You were walking on top of the snow when you heard a voice, seeming to be carried by the wind.
“There is a fell voice on the air.” Legolas said over the storm.
“It's Saruman.” Gandalf yelled.
Just then, lightning struck the mountain and a good chunk fell off.
“He’s trying to bring down the mountain! Gandalf, we must turn back.” Aragorn argued.
Gandalf stood up and chanted some sayings that were incomprehensible to all. Then an avalanche came down and you all backed up to the mountainside. The snow came down and as it was sliding, you lost your footing and began falling with it.
“Herenya!” Legolas yelled.
Legolas grabbed your hand and held on tight. You lifted yourself up and Legolas held on to you, putting his arm around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck. When the slide was over you and Legolas still didn't move.
“Gandalf, it is too much for the hobbits.” Aragorn tried to reason.
“If we cannot go over the mountains, let us go under it. Let us go through the Mines of Moria.” Gimli said hopefully.
“Let the ring bearer decide.” Gandalf said.
“We will go through the mines.” Frodo decided.
“So be it.” Gandalf said.
You tried to support Frodo's decision but you couldn't help but feel something bad was going to happen. You lost your thoughts when you noticed that you and Legolas were still holding eachother. You both retreated quickly and blushed.
“Th-thank you. You saved my life.” You stuttered.
“No one would have wanted you to die.” Legolas said.
*Later on*
The fellowship had just stopped in front of a rock wall. You weren't taught in many things dwarvish or the happenings of the dwarves so you just sat, waiting.
“Ithildin. It mirrors only starlight and moonlight.” Gandalf muttered, moving his fingers across the stone.
The moon peeped out of the clouds and the door was visible.
“The inscriptions on the door read "Here is written in the Feanorian characters according to the mode of Beleriand: Ennya Durin Amn Moria: pedoellon a minno. Im Narvl hain echant: Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiwhin."
Merry and Pippin were throwing rocks in the water when Aragorn stopped the Hobbits.
“Do not disturb the water.” Aragorn warned.
Then you saw strange bubbles in the water. For a moment you became frightened. But it was all frogotten when Frodo cracked the riddle of the door. You all stepped inside, and realizing it was a tomb you began to back out. Then you felt something wrap around your wrist and pulling you down, and then toward the water. The only thing you could manage to cry out was "Legolas!" The creature had also gotten Frodo and then it emerged from the water and opened it's wide mouth with its many teeth. You screamed the loudest you had ever screamed and Legolas hit it in the tentacle and it dropped you right into Legolas' arms. Aragorn got Frodo and you all ran into the mines. The creature pulled down the doors and blocked your exit from that side.
“Now we must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things then orcs in the deep places of the world.” Gandalf said, his staff glowing slightly.
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