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I Will Always Be Here for You

40. The End

*Third Person’s P.O.V.*
As Aragorn sat on his throne, he spoke with Arwen.
“Legolas is getting worse every day. I fear he will not last much longer.”
“Aragorn, have faith. Legolas is strong.”
Then, the doors opened and in walked a young elf with long, golden hair, and amazing green eyes. He wore a tear drop necklace.
“Does that elf not seem familiar to you?” Aragorn asked.
“I am not sure, but he does remind me of someone.” Arwen whispered as the elf approached.
“Lord Aragorn, I come from afar, bearing news.”
“What is your name?”
“My name is . . .”
Legolas came in just as the Elf was about to tell his name.
“Legolas, I see you have finally woken up. Please stay here for a moment; I think this young elf may be of use to you.” Aragorn said to Legolas.
“Legolas Greenleaf, I believe you knew my mother?” the young elf said.
Legolas looked up and took in the young elf, then his eye caught a necklace around the elf’s neck, it was a single tear drop.
“What is your name?” Legolas asked, standing a little taller.
“My name if Firiel, my mother was Herenya Lotheruanna. I believe you are my father.
“Firiel?” Legolas asked hopefully.
“Yes, Ada.”
Legolas took Firiel in his arms and laughed.
“What of your mother? Is Herenya all right?” he asked quickly.
Firiel looked down and Legolas became an old man once more. Just then, the doors opened again and in walked Herenya, with a beautiful young elf maiden beside her. She looked around frantically and then her eyes set on the aging elf. But when her gaze touched him, all the age that was on him faded away.
The two looked at each other for one second and then burst into a run, as they met in the middle holding and kissing each other.
“Herenya, I thought I would never see you again.”
“I killed him.”
“Glorfindel, I killed Glorfindel. As I said I would if he ever touched my children ever again.”
“I am guessing the girl is his.”
She shook her head.
“No, they are both yours. I found out I was with child soon after I came to Glorfindel’s land.”
Herenya called to both of her children and Firiel and Lowren both came and stood on each side of their mother.
“Firiel, Lowren, this is the one I have told you both so much about. He is your father.”
Legolas stood looking at his children for a minute and they looked at him.
“Ada!” Lowren said first and rushed to hug her father.
Next came Firiel, he stood in front of his father and with a slight smirk he embraced his father.
“There’s someone else I want you to meet.” Herenya said to her children.
They walked over to the King and Queen at the throne, and when Aragorn stood Herenya jumped into his arms.
“Oh Aragorn, thank you for keeping him safe.”
“It was only a small bit of trouble Herenya.” He laughed.
“Children, this is your Uncle Aragorn, and your Aunt Arwen.”
Firiel and Lowren hugged both of them, and then Gimli entered.
“Herenya? Is that you, Herenya?” Gimli huffed.
“Yes, Gimli, it is.” She cried, rushing to the dwarf’s side, embracing him.
“You are lucky today, my lady, some more of your friends are also here.”
That’s when Merry, Pippin, and Sam rushed in, then stopped in their tracks when they saw you.
“Herenya!” Pippin yelled rushing to you.
“Herenya!” Merry and Sam came rushing after.
“Yes, my friends, I missed you dearly so.”
“Firiel, Lowren, these are your uncles Gimli, Pippin, Merry, and Sam. I am sorry you could never meet Frodo, but he is gone along with your grandfather, over the sea.
“It matters not, as long as you are happy, I have never yet seen you smile so much, except for the times you were telling us about Ada.”
“Yes, I am finally home.” She said looking around, Legolas coming to her side, holding her close.