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I Will Always Be Here for You

5. Finally!

The fellowship had been walking for an unknown amount of time when you stopped.
“I have no memory of this place.” Gandalf muttered.
So you all sat waiting while Gandalf tried to refresh his memory. You felt really sad and decided to sit down, Legolas must have noticed and he came to sit with you.
“Herenya, what is wrong?”
“You were right.”
“About what?”
“About me not surviving the journey.”
“Oh, Herenya, I was joking. You will be fine. I know you will.”
“No! Do you not understand? You have had to save me TWICE already. It will not be fine!”
By now you had started to cry and Legolas was holding you. You cried against his shoulder and you rubbed your face against the soft cloth of his tunic.
“I love you, Legolas.”
Then you realized what you'd just said. Looking up, very shocked, Legolas looked just as shocked as you were.
“I...Umm, Herenya...I love you too!”
Legolas kissed you and wrapped his arms around you. You held on to him tight. Merry and Pippin were looking at you.
“Finally!” Merry and Pippin heaved.
“We were wondering when you two would come to your senses.” Pippin smiled.
You both ignored them as you sat looking in eachother's eyes.
“Do you know how i know you will make it?”
“How?” you asked.
“Because I love you. And I will always be here for you. I care not if I have to save you a million times. I still will.”
“Thank you.” You smiled lightly.
You sat there, holding eachother when you saw Aragorn over Legolas' shoulder. He smiled and winked at you.
“Ah, it's that way.” Gandalf said, getting up.
“He's remembered.” Merry remarked.
“No, but the air doesn't smell so foul down here. If in doubt Meriadoc, always follow your nose.”
You and Legolas stood, walking away with the rest of the fellowship. But one small thing changed. You and Legolas were noticably closer and your hands seemed to be attached.