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I Will Always Be Here for You

6. Balin's Tomb

The fellowship entered, what your elf eyes thought, was a grand chamber.
“Let me risk a little more light.” Gandalf said.
Gandalf let light come from his staff and all you could see was a vast hall, far as the eye could see. Many intricately carved pillars all lined up perfectly through out the hall. The whole fellowship was in awe.
“Behold . . . the great realm and Dwarf-City of Dwarrowdelf.”
“There's an eye opener, and no mistake.” Sam breathed out.
And then they saw a room. Gimli rushed to it. Kneeling at the side of a tomb. Gandalf read the runes on top.
“These are Daeron's Runes, such as were used of old in Moria, here is written in the old tongues of Men and Dwarves: ‘Balin Son of Fundin, Lord of Moria.’ He is dead then, it is as I feared.”
Gandalf then found a book and opened it. It was a journal of some sorts. As Gandalf was reading it you looked up at Legolas.
“I can feel something. It is not good, Legolas.”
“It is okay, you will be fine.” He held you tight against him.
Then there was a loud crash as the skeleton Pippin was looking at fell down the well. Gandalf turned to look at Pippin. Fear and anger resonating from his eyes. He slammed the book shut.
“Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity.”
And that’s when it began. The drumming. Coming from the well. You braced yourself for a fight. You, Legolas, and Aragorn poised an arrow in your bows. Boromir went to bar the door shut, three arrows zoomed past his head. When he turned around he gave a sigh.
“They have a cave troll.”
“Let them come, there is one dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath.” Gimli said, anger taking over.
There came a banging at the door and holes appeared. Once the axes had moved you shot arrows simultaneously through the door. The orcs burst in and you skilfully switched to your knives. You sliced through many orcs, killing them all. Frodo called out yours and Aragorn's name, so you turned to help him. You didn't notice the cave troll crash in. He grabbed you by the ankle, holding you upside down, making your dress come up.
“I beg your pardon, sir, but you have no right seeing what is underneath there. Oh, and clean your mouth out, it smells like horse plop. Legolas! Can you help me please?”
You said annoyed, not even from the fact that the troll was dangling you, but the fact that its breath was HORRIBLE, and when Legolas shot the cave troll, it let you go and Legolas caught you.
“What happened to ‘I'll always be there.’?” You said a little sarcastically.
“So, am I allowed to see what's under there?” Legolas smirked.
“Do not even think about it, for now.”
You winked at him and turned around, slicing your way through many orcs.