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I Will Always Be Here for You

7. The Balrog

The cave troll ran away. As you were fighting your way through orcs you heard Frodo yell out. When you looked over, the troll was going after Frodo. Aragorn intercepted but when he stabbed the troll with a spear, it threw him across the room. You tried rushing to Frodo's side but three orcs ganged up on you. You cut the head off one, spinning around, stabbing another in the heart, then killing the last. When you looked at Frodo again the troll stabbed Frodo and you yelled out, running towards the troll. You took out your sword and stabbed it in both of its legs. It reared its head back and Legolas shot it in the throat. The troll fell like a fat, drunk man. Everyone ran to Frodo's side. Aragorn turned him over and Frodo gasped for breath, clutching his chest and sat up.
“He's alive.” Sam said happily.
“I'm alright. I'm not hurt.” Frodo said, clutching his chest.
“You should be dead. That spear would have skewered a wild boar.”
“I think there's more to this hobbit than meets the eye.” Gandalf smirked.
Frodo opened his shirt to reveal a mithril shirt.
“Mithril! Well master Baggins. You are full of surprises.” Gimli laughed.
A sound of feet, and metal came from outside.
“To the bridge of Khazad-Dum.” Gandalf urged.
The fellowship ran into the great chamber again. As you looked around you saw thousands of orcs and goblins running out of unseen holes on the cieling, the floor, and the walls. The fellowship stopped as they became surrounded. Everyone brandished their weapons. Looking around, knowing you were very much out-numbered, you thought you would die. As soon as you thought this, an ominous sound came from across the hall. It sounded like it should be a growl or a roar or something; but instead, it was like rocks grinding together. It gave you shivers down your spine. The goblins and orcs surrounding you ran away, back into their deep, dark holes. And there was a flicker of light, as if fire was coming out of the door.
“What is this new devilry?” Boromir wondered aloud.
“A Balrog of Morgoth. A demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you. RUN!” Gandalf said ominously.
The fellowship ran to the other side of the hall. Boromir began to descend a staircase first but almost fell off at the turn. Legolas quickly gabbed Boromir and pulled him back. You continued to run down the long staircase. It seemed as if your feet had their own mind, for yours was elsewhere. You knew something big was coming. And it wasn't just the balrog. You suddenly stopped as there came a hole in the staricase. Legolas jumped over and beckoned Gandalf. After Gandalf jumped you let Boromir go. You shot at the orcs standing on the ledges shooting you. Aragorn threw Merry across, then Pippin and Sam. When he went to toss Giml, he protested.
“Nobody tosses a dwarf.”
With that, Gimli jumped. But just short, so Legolas grabbed onto the beard.
“Not the beard!”
You, Aragorn, and Frodo had to jump back as a bit of the staircase fell away. A rock fell behind you and cut off the back of the stairs. Leaving you standing on a lone piece of stair. You looked at your new love and saw fear in his eyes. You leaned back as Aragorn directed. Then forward. The stair broke off and then came towards the other part of the fellowship. You jumped into Legolas' arms. You quickly kissed him on the lips, and kept running, holding his hand this time. The fellowship reached the bridge and crossed it, one at a time. When you looked back you saw Gandalf standing alone in the middle of the bridge, facing the Balrog.
“Gandalf! No!”
You tried to rush to his side but Legolas held you back. You watched helplessley as the old man you trusted more than anyone was facing a demon.
“You cannot pass!” Gandalf yelled.
“Gandalf!” Frodo yelled.
“I am a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun!”
Gandalf lifted his staff and a beaming white light came from it, envelloping Gandalf. When the balrog struck it the light brightened then faded. The balrog roared.
“Go back to the shadow.”
The Balrog took a step forward and cracked his long firey whip.
“You shall not pass!”
Gandalf lifted his staff and struck the bride with all his might. When the balrog stepped forward the bridge cracked beneath it, sending the balrog down to the unknown depths. As Gandalf turned around the Balrog gave one last crack of his whip and caught Gandalf on the ankle. Gandalf fell, holding on the edge.
“Fly you fools.”
And with that, he let go. Dropping into the unknown depths, along with the Balrog.
“NO!” You and Frodo yelled at the same time.
You tried to run again but Legolas caught you and picked you up, running outside.