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Breaking the Mold


Acelynn Wells-Staal grew up with hockey. With four older brothers (including her twin, Jared), playing, she was forced around the rink. Jordan and Jared wanted a goalie. Marc wanted a forward. Eric wanted a defenseman.
Acelynn wanted to play.

She broke into the BC Eagles Men's team, ditching the Staal so she wouldn't be compared or judged. After taking the Eagles to a Beanpot, she got the best news of her life.

She was going to be in the NHL Entry Draft.

With three brothers competing in the Eastern Conference, will she be able to handle the pressure of Staal-vs.-Staal?

And perhaps playing against a special someone?

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  1. Prologue
    Just a quick intro to help decide the love interest.
  2. The Draft
  3. Photo Op.
  4. Camp: Part 1
  5. Camp: Part 2
  6. Brotherly Love
  7. Roommate Bonding