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Breaking the Mold

Camp: Part 2

“Okay, let’s see Hunwick and Wells as a D pair. Kessel, Savard, and Lucic as our forwards.” Coach pointed at what was deemed the defensive zone and placed a puck on the blue line. I prepared myself near the face-off circle and waited for the rush.

Kessel was coming down my side pretty quickly, so I skated him into the boards, digging for the puck. I passed it in back of the net to Hunwick, who lobbed it back down the ice. “Nice,” I called over. He nodded and turned back to the offensive play coming towards us.

Savard dumped the puck in and I went for it. I braced for a check from Lucic, but it never came. I cleared the puck around the kickplate and skated up behind Lucic.

“Don’t go easy on me. It pisses me off,” I said into his ear.

Next time he tried to penetrate the zone, I rammed him into the boards hard like Marc had taught me to do. I looked to Hunwick to come help me dig the puck out as I stapled Lucic to the boards. He cleared it for the third and final time as Coach blew his whistle.

“Okay, good work. That’s enough for today. We’ll see you here tomorrow, seven AM. Go get changed.” Coach dismissed us and waved me over.

“Here’s your room key for the hotel. You’re roommate is a surprise. Great work, Acelynn.”

“Thanks, Coach,” I said before heading off the ice to the locker room.

I walked in, shocking everyone.

“Female,” someone called. I ignored it and headed to my stall. I put my helmet inside and began taking off my jersey.


I turned around, still changing. “What?”

“You’re changing!” It was Lucic; a tiny bit of impatience sparking.

“What was I gonna do? Drive home in my hockey gear?” The pads were next. They came off with ease, and, with some effort, they fit inside my stall. I began pulling off my shirt.

“Holy shit! Go change in the bathroom!”

“No!” My shirt, drenched, went into my bag to be washed. My skates went on top. I threw my jacket on over my tank.

“Well, at least she’s got various layers.” Matt smiled, a way to apologize for his earlier reaction. When my pants came off, Lucic gasped. Nothing was wrong – I checked. It must’ve been the shock.

I walked over to him, swaying my hips seductively. I put my face up to his. “Does this bother you,” I asked, whispering huskily. I bit my lip. I noticed he clenched his jaw.

I walked away, grabbing my iPod from my bag and blasting “Shut Up and Drive” by Rihanna.

“Looch,” I called. “Get over it.”

I slipped on my jeans and walked out, satisfied with my first day of camp.
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