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Breaking the Mold

Brotherly Love

I turned off the blowdryer and picked up my phone off the bathroom counter. My hair hung below my shoulders, straight and shiny. I was wearing Jordan’s shirt, hoping that my hair would hide the name and number. I didn’t need people asking why I was wearing a Staal shirt. The fact that there was a giant, hockey-playing Penguin on the front was bad enough.

I dialed Eric’s number, and when he picked up, I called Jordan while he called Marc. Once everyone was ready, the chaotic conversation began.

“So, Ace, how was your first day of camp?”

“Who’s your roommate?”

“Ace, if anyone gives you any shit, I’m gonna kick his ass.”

With everyone babbling on and on at the same time, I couldn’t think. “Guys,” I yelled as I put it on speakerphone and started to unpack my bags. “One at a time. Age order.”

“So not fair! Eric always gets to do stuff first,” Jordan whined. “I’m always last.”

“Hey Jordan? Who has to put up with a twin brother who always reminds you that he’s three minutes older? Is it you? No. So shut up. Eric, go ahead,” I said, pulling out the red Hurricanes shirt Eric bought me.

“So, Ace, how was your first day of camp with the Bruins?”

“It was fun, actually. I got to work on my defense, with this Matt Hunwick kid. He’s got promise.”

“Why’d they put you on D? You think they’d be more interested in a forward, their D core is solid,” Marc wondered.

“Puck-moving defensemen aren’t really a huge part of it, though. That’s the thing. I mean, I’m pretty sure tomorrow I’ll be a forward, but… you know, I really shouldn’t be giving away team secrets to the enemy.”

“Can I ask my question now,” Jordan interrupted.

“No, it’s Marc’s turn.”

“Okay, Ace, listen. If anyone gives you shit, I don’t care if it’s Chara, let me know. I’ll kick their ass. Promise you’ll tell me?”

“Yes, Marc, but don’t hurt my teammates. I love you, but I’m gonna love them, too. Just… nobody’s gonna give me shit. Coach’d kill ‘em if they did.”

“Okay. I trust him.”

“Good. Jordan?”

“Who’s your roommate?”

“He’s not here yet. Coach said that it was a surprise. I’m waiting for him.”

“What are you wearing, then?”

“Why does that matter, Jord?”

“Because if he sees you sitting on a bed in something sexy, he’s gonna lose it. What are you wearing?”

I rolled my eyes. “Your Penguins shirt, and a pair of old sweats. Hardly sexy.”

“Okay. Good. Now, make sure that you never look… girly while you’re there.”

“Jordan, please…”

“No, Ace, he’s right. Hockey players are assholes. We should know,” Eric added.

“Guys, listen. I love how protective you are of me, but seriously. I’m in the NHL. I can handle it. Now, I better go, finish unpacking and stuff, before he gets here. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you!”

“Bye, Ace,” they said together as I pressed “end”.

I was almost done unpacking, just putting my toiletries in my shirt drawer and putting my toothbrush in the bathroom when I heard the door open.

“Hello,” a familiar voice called.

“In here.”

I turned to face the door, very happy when I saw who my roommate was.
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