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Breaking the Mold

Roommate Bonding

Blake stood in the doorway of the bathroom, smiling at me. “Hey, Ace. You my roommate?”

“No, I’m just using your bathroom,” I said with a laugh. “Yeah. Coach said it was gonna be a surprise.”

“And it’s a nice one.” He scratched his head awkwardly. “Um, why’re you wearing a Penguins shirt?” His eyes shifted towards the logo on my chest.

I sighed. I had hoped to avoid the subject longer. “It was a gift from my brother.” I didn’t dare go into specifics.

“Oh, that’s cool. Who’s name is on the back?”


“You an ex-fan of the brothers, or just an ex-Penguins fan?”

“I’m currently a fan of the brothers. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop.” Simply because I kind of have to be a fan of them; they’d kill me if I wasn’t.

“Well, I hope that fact isn’t going to get in the way of your loyalty to the Bruins when we play any of their teams.”

“Oh, don’t worry. It won’t. I’m devoted to the true black and gold now. It’s kind of magical to me, seeing as I wasn’t even a Bruins fan until draft day.”

“Who were you a fan of?”

“Oh, the Chicago Blackhawks, much to my brothers’ dismay.” I laughed loudly. “Three brothers. One’s a Penguin, one’s a Ranger, one’s a Hurricane. Our house is ridiculous around game days.”

“I can imagine.”

We fell into a friendly conversation easily. We talked about our families first, and then we talked about who our favorite players were growing up. The chat extended into video games, cars, and our first day here at camp. Personal struggles and cheery anecdotes were shared.

Hours later, I glanced at the little digital clock on the nightstand separating our two beds. Its glowing red numbers read 1:00 in the morning.

“Jesus! Blake, we better get to bed if we’re gonna be half-decent for tomorrow’s drills.” I glanced down at my sweatpants and the Penguins shirt and deemed them sufficient for pajamas, pulling back the comforter and crawling underneath the covers.

“You’re right. Night, Ace.”

“Night, Blake,” I said as I turned off the light.
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