Sequel: Red Light Into Blue
Status: Working on the sequel Red Light Into Blue currently :)

Pressed Beneath This Spell

Corie Reynolds was just your average girl. She enjoyed the simple things in her life. Like her friends and music. One concert complicated her life and left her with incessant thoughts on a boy, hoping that fate existed.
Alex Gaskarth was just your average pop-punk rockstar. He enjoyed the simple things in his life. Like his friends, music, and partying. One concert complicated his life with incessant thoughts on a girl, hoping to prove that fate existed.
  1. A Moment Or A Lifetime
    “It is my fate and perhaps my temperament to sign agreements with fools.” -E.M. Forster
  2. Let Your Addiction Turn Our Friendship Into Fictio
    Jaynie's confusion. Corie's impossible solution.
  3. I'd Go Back If I Knew How To Swim
    Corie's new life post-meeting Alex.
  4. We Did This To Myself
    Jack's confusion. Alex's impossible solution.
  5. Slipping Thru Like Sand Thru Your Hands
    Alex's new life post-meeting Corie.
  6. Like A Stranger In Your Dreams
    1 Month...five more months till fate.
  7. And I Can't Sleep Because I Dream About Her
    1 Month...five months till Alex can prove fate.
  8. I Just Can't Speak or Make A Sound
    3 Months. A phone number screaming from a closed drawer.
  9. Dying to Live for a Hint of Attention
    3 Months. Routine of coffee shops and silent phones.
  10. I May As Well Try and Catch The Wind
    Five months of thoughts has nearly incapacitated Corie.
  11. I Want You Here To Kill My Fears
    Five months in...less than one month to go. Alex fears impending doom.
  12. All Hail The Heartbreaker
    Nearly six months has passed...will fate prove its existance?
  13. Epilogue: The Mile Marks to Every Town
    Corie lets the girls know what is happening post-coffee shop fate.