Sequel: Red Light Into Blue
Status: Working on the sequel Red Light Into Blue currently :)

Pressed Beneath This Spell

Epilogue: The Mile Marks to Every Town

Dear friends who are a different breed:
(yes I mean all three of you: Norah, Rae, AND Jaynie.)

Since I'm not gonna bother racking up my cell bill on you three, I'm writing you this email. I'm sure you are going crazy wondering what I've been up to. And probably more likely mad at my lack thereof thus far. You want me to stop rambling too. I get it, I get it. Onto the juicy stuff.

Currently, we are in Berlin. (That would be in Germany, Norah and Rae.) I'm sitting in the back section of the bus. Jack and Rian are mindlessly playing video games. Alex and Zack are doing some radio show. (sigh.) Remember when we'd all wanted to tour with a band? Not so glamorous guys! It's kinda boring. Video games are 24/7. They freak out if the fridge gets less than a six-pack of beer in it. (should have been 'six pack under the stars'...don't tell Alex I said that. Tho Jack keeps looking over trying to see what I'm typing.) OH and he says 'hi' Jaynes. WINK! Other bus staples: bickering...pranks...twitter wars...youtubing...the occasional new bad-smell...and the guys getting scolded. OH and the number of flat irons and hair products baffles me. Girls' dorms don't contain so much clutter! Hell...salons don't contain such clutter!! Don't tell Alex I said that either. I'm such a bad girlfriend.

Yes. I said girlfriend. I'll give you a break to jump around.

I have so much to tell you guys! It's kind of unnerving to not have anyone here to get all giggly with! Well, Jack gets giggly with me, but it's not the same. He's too hairy for me to take him seriously. How crazy is this? To be talking about them as if I'd talk about you?

Anyway, Alex and I had quite the romantic night in Dublin. Of all places, Dublin. I feel like I'm going to wake up any minute in my mundane life. Tho, everything seems mundane now.

I know you are all getting frustrated with my excessive rambling and lack of details. In truth, I want to wait to see you in person. I'll be flying out from Amsterdam after their show, which is only four shows from now. That'll be the end of next week. Alex has been dead set on keeping me for all of tour, but he's a bit unrealistic. I can only be a burden so long. I finally got Matt to order me plane tix. Alex doesn't know it's
that final yet. Tho, I have been helping a lot so as to try to pull my part.

I can't wait to get home to tell you all about everything that's happened. N and R, I'm sure you've been briefed on the London show. I'll tell you my POV tho, no worries. J, I miss you! I can't believe you only stayed for the UK dates!

I'm so so so happy girls. Unbelievably. Alex makes me so happy. It's like the complete opposite of how I was just a few months ago. Or even just a month ago! I'm not gonna say that I should have called him earlier tho. Or rather...actually said something when I
did call him. Everything worked out so special. This story will definitely be the best of my life. I wouldn't have gotten thru it without any of you.

Okay I'm rambling again. I love you girls and will be home soon! No worries, I have plenty of souvenirs for each of you!

Love, love, love.

PS Jack thinks you're cute Jaynes. He's gonna kill me if he finds out I wrote that. HA
♠ ♠ ♠
You know what the title's from. :P

Confused?!?! Good. Cuz I'm doin a sequel. All will be explained. Keep a look out!

Thanks for all the encouragement!