Here Lies The Waste


This story is focused on Will Francis (Aiden/William Control)
This is the first story of two. Please Comment once You read.

Wil Francis is just a seventeen year old boy that lives in Seattle, Washington. He's pretty much the underdog at his school. All he wants is for someone to notice that he's exsistant, that is till something terribly goes wrong and he ends up running away from it all.

I was running away from it all. And in a way so was she.
Each mile I drove, the less of a burden it was becoming.
I couldn’t go back there.
Not after what I had done.
They’d find me, and take me away.

My hands were firmly wrapped around the leather steering wheel.
The atmosphere filled with smoke and two scared minds.
My lips tightly holding a cigarette in place.
I don’t know where we are gonna end up.
Just as long as it’s far away from there.
It was an accident..