We Both Need to Change


Kacy Haven grew cold and angry and she swore on the day that she discovered what her father had did to her mother all these years to never trust any man. She turned bitter and promised herself to not get attached to anyone. But when she meets Oliver Sykes will she soften up? Will Oli teach her how to trust once more? Will she see Oli’s sweet, nice side?

As for the famous Oli of Bring Me The Horizon, he has a problem with girls. He is never content with one, he’s a player and everyone knows that. But girls somehow can’t resist him. But when he spots Kacy Haven, will he change? Will Kacy teach him that girls are important and not just instruments of pleasure?
  1. New Jersey Nightmare
    its Kacy's past and stuff.... a bit boring really..
  2. Get out of my mind, STRANGER!
  3. I'm going LOONY!
  4. What kind of girl am I?
  5. Bitter Days
  6. Un-Shockingly Shocking
    i know the title doesn't make sense right?? forgive me, im a ***in' idiot... but still, read it!!
  7. I cant be falling for him
    this is a short one.
  8. I recognize every inch of him
  9. Girls aren't toys
  10. I admit it
  11. Her day with Tom
    nothing to do with Kacy or Oli but rather about Sierra and Tom
  12. just for me
  13. i have it bad for her
  14. One room together?
  15. So I thought...
  16. Waking Up
  17. I'm in deep shit (Oli)