We Both Need to Change

I'm in deep shit (Oli)

Oliver's POV

I felt her move, and immediately knew she was awake, "Good morning, love." Might as well attempt to star' off the day nice
even though she's goin' to bitch at me for takin' 'er in 'ere. Meh soft side won me over last nigh'.

<< Rewind to last night

I was viewin' all meh comments on facebook, was laughin' at the one tha' said,

"Oli, my names Sarah and I want to have your babies."

Babies 'Owever reminded meh of Abby and Abby reminded me of Kacy and tha' just reminded meh of 'Ow bad I treated
'er earlier. I knew I was bein' a prick, didn't mean to... All tha' drivin' jus' got on meh nerves. So, I closed meh laptop
and walked to the door, I carefully opened it jus' in case she was asleep - din't want to err... wake 'er up or 'nythin'. Opened it and she was asleep. Asleep but not relaxed, 'er body was tensed because of the 'ardnest and lack of soft cushions in the sofa.

I felt my heart beat increase and this sick feeling was slowly forming in my stomach, and in my head a voice said, "Yeh should've le' 'er sleep in the bed and yeh should've been a fucking gentleman and offered to sleep at the couch you twat!" Yes, I felt the twang of guilt.

I went back to the bedroom to get a glass of water, 'Oping that it'd wash out the guilt. As I drank up, I could see her there sleeping uncomfortably. Guilt kept hittin' meh like a lash, it hurt bad and I was feelin' even more 'Orrible when I tried to ignore it. "Aw fuck it!" I gently put down the glass on the side table but with force.

I am not the kind to be nice, I am seen as arrogant and careless and a tease. But Kacy has tha', Oh fuck, I dunno. Don't wan' to seem cliche but, she's got tha' effect on me. 'S the weirdes' feelin' I've ever felt 'round a bird.

I picked 'er up slowly, I didn't know she had her ipod on, so when I picked 'er up it fell on the ground and I whispered, "Aw, shit!" which made her groan and move in my arms, her hands swiftly made their way up my neck, wrapping them around it. The gesture shocked me and I stared at 'er for a moment and watched her bury her face in my chest. I le' out a sigh as emotions went wild inside meh.

It was after a minute before I star'ed to 'Ead for the bedroom. I kicked the ajar door so it'd open wider. I made my way in, carefully makin' sure I won't bump Kacy's legs or head on 'Nythin'. I gently placed her on the soft matress.

Wow, this girl's got me doin' 'vrythin' gently for 'Er.

I sat on meh side of the bed, and jus' watched 'er sleep there, now comfortably. I look at 'Ow 'Er close eyelids looked slightly glossy, and 'Er lips plum and they look sof'. I watch as her chest rose up and down, in a slow beat.

I know I'm goin' to get loads of arse kickin' and bitchin' from 'Er tomorrow when we wake up. Wish she'll see tha' I only did it for her. As thoughts of puttin' 'Er back on the couch filled meh mind, I forced them out and lay beside 'Er. It felt awkward yet right.

As the night passed, meh eyes stayed open.It wasn't until she rolled over to my side, facin' meh and wrapped on hand over meh body and 'Er 'ead rested on meh chest. I put one 'and on 'er waist and moments la'er I drift to sleep.

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Uh-Oh. I'm in deep shit!
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