Status: Completed... For Now.


After Fast and the Furious (2009), Dominic and Mia Toretto and Brian Spillner (formerly O’Conner) are forced to flee the country; they head off to Russia where law enforcement is inadequate and street racing abounds - if one is "in" with the right people.

For Reference;
Blair Hundley
One of her eyes is green.

Toretto before Ch. 7
Toretto after Ch. 7
A special thank-you to M. Shadows for lending Toretto his face.

I don’t own Brian Spillner/O’Conner, Mia Toretto, or Dominic Toretto, this story is my answer to the cliffhanger at the end of Fast and the Furious (2009).
The song titles I use for chapter titles are all copyright their respective owners (who are all amazing bands), which are listed at the end of each chapter.
I do own the idea, Blair and every fictional character, the setting of The Compound (seriously, I own a mansion in Russia... kidding), and I WISH I OWNED THESE CARS!
  1. Adrenaline.
    "Too much is not enough,"
  2. Bodies.
    "Let the bodies hit the floor."
  3. The Little Things.
    "I can deal with Fate, but not the little things."
  4. Millionaire.
    "Gimme Some More!"
  5. A Little Piece of Heaven.
    "You think it's over but it's just begun."
  6. Velvet Touch.
    "I never expected you to stay."
  7. Corona.
    "I only had a Corona, five cent deposit..."
  8. Devils.
    "You wanna rock. Nothing's gonna make you stop."
  9. Life Burns.
    "A man dies like a butterfly, life burns at the touch of the reaper."
  10. Perfect Skin.
    "You can't keep me waiting forever baby."
  11. Stare at the Sun.
    "'Till I understand or go blind."
  12. Let Go.
    "There's beauty in the breakdown."
  13. Dangerous Kind.
    "You've got a criminal mind."
  14. High on the Crime.
    "Don't wanna go to work again ever."
  15. Beware! Criminal.
    "You came, you saw, you conquered everyone."