If I'm Married to Jesus... We're Having Marital Problems...

coming home..

one of the guys started taking a special intrest in me and we started hanging out.. One thing lead to another and well.. We had sex. I'm not sure I could call it rape, because I never said yes, but I didn't say no either. I stayed with him for a week, he did drugs, cussed, drank, had tattoos and was in a gang, lastly he threatened to kill me and threw a plate at my head one day. I got scared, I ran crying toward the cottage "Jesus!" I sobbed "Jesus, help me I don't know what to do i've messed everything up!" I sat down on a stump sobbing.

Before long I felt the peace I'd had on our first day together and I knew He was there coming to take me home.along the way I lost some friends who couldn't forgive my transgression. But I made some who did. Jesus introduced me to an old friend from high school and told me "this it's the man you were meant for and explained though I'm married to Jesus spiritually I needed a physical marriage to feel complete.. So I married Thomas in an earthly ceremony though my first husband watched happily. About nine months later Jesus have me the gift of my sweet baby. I'm still making my way back to the cottage with Jesus and I still make mistakes but now I have a helpmate. And a beautiful baby boy.