I Was Raised Knowing I Had To Marry You, But Who Exactly Are You?

The name is Angiline.
I actually just found out it's really Princess Angiline but what ever...
I'm apparently the future queen of... What was it my parents said we were.... Nymphs. Yeah that was it. I'm 12, but I have to get married before my next birthday. My parents arranged a marriage for me shortly after I was born. Apparently in our culture when a new princess (or prince) is born all the children (or pregnate women) would come to the palace and one of them would be the prince or princess' mate.
Now you maybe asking how can you tell which one is the mate... Well apparently mates are drawn to each other and they kind of glow or something... And both mates are marked it's something that happens on it's own. Mates are atomatically bonded, we can hear each other's thoughts and feel the other's pain ect.
Anyway my mate wasn't born yet, in fact his mother didn't even know she was pregnate, but she was in the room at my mate choosing ceromony because she was my adopted sister and so she was kind of like family only she wasn't blood related anyhow she had only just gotten married. But when she walked into the room her (still flat abdomen) began to glow brightly as did I and she was pulled to me quickly. My small newborn hand touched her glowing belly and the glow nearly blinded everyone in the room. My mark appeared a massive red rose winding up my arm the bloom in my palm.
My parents and everyone in the room were amazed nothing like this had ever happened before. Never had a child glowed so brightly, never had someone been choosen so young, and the rose on my hand was the largest, most amazing mark a child had ever had.
My parents were afraid if we grew up together as was customary for mates to do, we would hurt each other in some way. So they sent us to oppisite corners of the kingdom. Leaving the kingdom in my uncle's capable hands until I was old enough to marry...
  1. Meeting my mate
    So here I was getting ready to marry my mate... Two days before my 13th Birthday. I still had yet to meet him...
  2. The Wedding..
    Last chapter I found out I was marrying the voice in my head.. My mate... And my dad had just handed me off to him.
  3. The Mating
    This may get a little lemony if I let my mind wander... just warning you.
  4. The Morning.
    Well.. the last chapter was the mating so this is the morning when they wake up after having mated.
  5. coming home; to rule a kingdom
    Mark and Angeline return to the kingdom to learn how to rule