I Was Raised Knowing I Had To Marry You, But Who Exactly Are You?

The Morning.

I woke up before Mark. I looked over at him. 'Damn he's beautiful.' I thought snuggling closer to him. 'How did I get so lucky?' I kissed his cheek gently.
'I have to get to her... Before they do!' He shouted in his dream. I smiled figureing he was dreaming of rescueing me. 'Stop!' He yelled at them. 'Give her back!' Suddenly I saw the girl he was trying to save in my mind.. She was beautiful.. Way prettier than I ever would be. I felt a pang and forced myself not to look at his dream anymore. I pulled out of his arms and found the clothes my mother had left for me. I quickly put them on looking at my hand the rose has turned blue. I felt like my heart was splitting in two. I began to cry, sitting in a corner of the cave.
~Mark's POV~
My daughter was now eleven she would be marrying her mate Darren soon. Only a few more years. I thought sadly. She was a beauty everyone in kingdoms far and wide wished they could only have a glimpse of her. Yes she was beautiful, my daughter Kyra, but her mother would always be the most beautiful woman I could ever even imagine.
I was thinking about her when I saw her run in bleeding and sobbing I ran to her kissing her, her wounds healed instantly but her sobbs didn't break. "Kyra!" she cried "they took Kyra!" My anger rose.
"Who!? Where are they? When!?" I growled. As she fell to my feet unable to stand from her grief.
"Stently!" She sobbed. Talking about her cousin who was bent on taking the throne. He'd asked for Kyra's hand in marriage countless times. He knew if he took her virginity she couldn't be queen.
"Damn it!" I growled. Running out the door. I saw her fall out of the cart. She was fine, but they were leaving her behind.. They hadn't noticed yet. 'I have to get to her... Before they do!' I shouted in my head. "Stop!" I yelled as I saw them grab her and throw her back into the cart. "Give her back!" I growled fircely. They just kept going. I sent the guards after them and then called for my horse. The beautiful stallion stammeded toward me stopping right in front of me. I jumped on and speed after them.
I caught up to them in good time and I quickly stole my darling daughter back from the assholes. I killed the men who had been sent for her and then rode back to the castle with her sobbing in my arms. "Shhh..." I told her softly "I've got you Kyra. I won't let them hurt you. I won't let them get you again.. I swear."
She snuggled into my arms like she had as a toddler. "I love you daddy." she whispered, kissing my cheek. I smiled my proud-dad-smile. She peered up at me with her adoring eyes. I was her hero and I knew it. Me and her mother would alway be her heroes.
"I love you too Kyra. You'll always be my baby. You know that? And no matter what I'll always be here for you." I told her softly kissing her forehead.
"I know daddy... But mommy needs you now." She said softly pointing to the corner of the cave. I was confused I wasn't in the cave a minute ago.. "Daddy, you silly goose, this is all a dream.. but mommy really does need you." Suddenly I felt excrusating pain, it was like my heart was going to split into pieces.
"AHHH!" I groaned outloud. "What's happening?" I asked Kyra in the dream. She looked up at me with sad eyes. She looked like I had betrayed her in some way. "What? What's going on?"
"You hurt mommy!" She said sadly. "You have to go fix it." She told me gently patting my cheek before she disappeared. I opened my eyes and I was indeed in the cave I looked around and didn't see Angiline at first.
I sat up. "Angiline?" I called deep pain in my heart... It was almost unbearable. Suddenly I saw her she was huddled in a corner crying. "What's wrong? Angiline?" I asked stumbling over to her. "Are you ok? Who hurt you?" I asked.
"You did!" she muttered. The heartbreak, betrayal, hurt, and anger written on her face.. I could feel it too.
'Damn this hurts!' I thought. "What did I do? You said you were okay last night. I didn't mean to hurt you. I swear. I love you more than anything." I said honestly.
She looked up at me rage and hurt dominate in her eyes. "If you love me, who was the girl in your dream?!" she growled.
"You saw my dream?" I asked supprised.
"Yes! And I saw you running after that beautiful girl... Who is she?" She asked trembling. I looked at her hand. Her rose had turned gray.. She was giving up!
"She's our daughter! Kyra. I was dreaming that we had a daughter. And yes, she's beautiful.. But she's nothing compared to the girl I had in my arms last night." I said softly kissing her gently.
She blushed. "I'm sorry Mark. I just saw you run after her and I... I was so upset. it hurt so bad." She cried.
"Shhhhhhh love it's ok. I understand." I kissed her gently carrying her back to the makeshift bed. Her rose turned red again. She loved me again. I smiled. Mine was glowing red as well.
I just held her for four hours straight and we talked a little and slept a lot, we madeout a whole lot, but mostly we just enjoyed each other's company.
♠ ♠ ♠
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