Linde's Journal

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Hi! I know its been a while but Ive missed you a lot. Well, I have a new boyfriend. Thats right a boyfriend.
I would scream out his name from the highest point in the world. (Not that I dont already, hehehe. ;))
To feel him bite my lips and work my small frame like the professional he is, Oh God. Is it hot in here or is it just me?
Nope, its him.

Oh God Im so cheesy sometimes. But you would be too, faced with his delcate beauty would make any man or woman go crazy, like it did me.
Our performances havent been the same since, Its because of our relationship I know it. The other guys have never accepted it.
And I dont think they ever will.

Yeah its tough but hell, Ive never been this happy in my life and I wont let three homophobic assholes ruin my life for me.
Sad I have to write that about my friends but what would you do in this situation?
I always have his arms to run into, His voice to call my name, his fingers to run through my hair.
I have him, and there just jealous.

Who can resist my cuteness anyway? They probably all just want me anyway. I cant help it if Im taken.
By my other best friend.

Maybe I shouldnt moan so loud when there in the room, but hey, what the hell would you do? If I want to fuck him when there right on the couch parrellel to them, thats my buiness and its always fun to see them flee out like schoolgirls.

Its strange when your in a relationship with someone in your band, when you hear all those girls yell his name, you wish it was you.

But I will be soon enough ;)