It Was Never Supposed to Be Easy

A long time ago, I thought to myself, "Hermione and Draco should totally do the nasty."

And then this story was born. It is a special story of mine, my pet story if you will. I am immensely proud of it, and it is a secret joy of mine to get comments on it.Hint, Hint.

Pssst...this was one of those one-shots that went crazy and became a novel

I have lovely readers and they are so kind. They leave me comment goodness, and then I try and thank them. It got to the point where I can only personally thank my new readers *Welcome to the club!*. But, just consider yourself thanked.

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Hermione is now in seventh year when she is cornered in the library by a certain Slytherin boy. Frightened and hurt, she quickly realizes that Draco is not the boy that she had learned to loathe. He is not the cocky Death Eater, or even the cowardly, rotten, bully.

But things are not as they always appear to be.

Hermione will sacrifice her friends, her dignity, and even her Christmas Holidays to prove to the world that she is no longer to be taken advantage of, and to prove that love does indeed solve all.



I know, the summary sucked, but I swear, the story doesn't.
  1. Cornered in the Library
    Hermione is studying all alone late one night when Draco appears, seemingly, out of nowhere.
  2. Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun
    Late Homework, Staring Contests and...Cheese?
  3. The Stairs
    Guilt Trips Hermione on the Stairs
  4. Confrontations
    Anger, Lunch, Tears and Then...
  5. Truth
    Telling the truth is easy, it;s hearing it that's hard.
  6. Standing Alone
    Hermione fights for what she believes in.
  7. A Meeting in the Candlelight
    Hermione meets...well, you'll see.
  8. Snowy Goodbye
    I'm tired of thinking of witty short descriptions, so just read!
  9. An Invitation
  10. A Stiff Smile
  11. A Room in Gold
  12. A Trap
    Not a leak, I swear.
  13. An Explanation
  14. A Day
    Sorry for the delay!
  15. Neville's Fate
  16. The Hero
  17. Running from Safety.
    I just realized, I really haven't been writing short descriptions...
  18. A Plan
  19. Decisions.
    Hermione learns the truth behind the Prophecy.
  20. S.P.E.W
  21. In The Belly of Death
  22. A Suggestion
  23. A Silver Hope
  24. Even the Mighty Will Fall.
  25. Epilogue