So She Made A Mistake!?

She made a mistake,
Dose that give them the right,
To look at her like that?
To judge he like that,
They don't know what she went thru,
To cause her to make that mistake.
How can they claim the Jesus I know to be loving and merciful,
And yet be so judgementale an cruel?
How can you give her that look,
When she knows she made a mistake?
You weren't there when she made the worst decision of her life,
And LORD knows you weren't there when she hit her knees begging GOD for forgiveness.
You weren't there when she called her mom crying like a baby telling her everything and begging to go home.
So don't give her that look!
Don't judge her!
You don't know,
You aren't GOD,
You have no right to judge her.