Pizza and Wine

Chapter 1.

*July 5th 2008*

The stadium roared into life as they took their places on the silent stage. Flashing lights flooded the stadium, rolling across the screaming crowd below them and illuminating the fans. Then the music began, the sound of a single guitar stroke filling the empty spaces around followed by the explosion of the rest of the instruments as they opened with our new songs. Mike could tell, that this was going to be a good tour.

As he looked over towards the side of the stage, he noticed a girl standing with Gerard. She had long medium brown hair, and was about five foot four. She was extremely beautiful, even though he could barely see her from where he was.

Once the song finished, the blue-eyed bassist ran off the stage with his fellow band mates. Billie Joe came and put his hand on his best friend's shoulder.

"You wanna go get some drinks?" The shorter man asked.

Mike nodded. "Who's that girl with Gerard?"

"That's Jamie. She's Mikey and Gerard's sister," The older of the two explained.

Mike was lost in his thoughts for a second. Now that Billie mentioned it, she did look a lot like them.

Billie wiggled his eyebrows, and Mike rolled his eyes.

They went and found Tré, and went over to get some drinks. They had just released a new album, and were touring with My Chemical Romance, who had also just released a new album.

It was their first day touring, and they hadn't really had much time to relax, and hang out. Billie Joe had known Gerard for a while, so that's the only reason he knew about Jamie.

They walked into the back room, and Gerard started introducing everyone to the guys.

Everyone was gathered in the large room behind the stage as the important ‘beginning of tour’ introductions were made around the coffee machine.

“Ok, so this is my brother Mikey.” Gerard pointed out a tall and scrawny dark brunette to the boys of Green Day.

“Hey.” Mikey replied with a casual smile offering his hand towards the guys and shaking one after another.

“And this is Ray.” Gerard had moved away from Mikey to place his hand on a well built man with an uncontrollable brown mess of hair, a fro as some referred to it as.

“Hey there.” Ray copied what Mikey had down and shook the hands of the men in front.

“Erm, this is Bob.” Gerard continued on, excitement in his voice as everyone finally got to meet after months of planning. Bob, the blonde haired man with mysterious blue eyes just nodded shyly towards them while Gerard stood by him, scratching his the masses of messy black hair on his head.

“Where’s Frank?” Gerard turned to Ray and asked, glancing nervously at Billie Joe. “Uh…We can’t find our rhythm guitar-“ Gerard was interrupted by the sound of excited squealing as a short black haired man bounded through the room and jumped playfully onto Gerard’s back.

“And I’m FRANK!” He waved a slender hand to greet them as he gripped tightly at Gerard’s back.

Gerard shook Frank off his back as the brunette female Mike had seen from the side of the stage entered the room from the same direction Frank had come. With her arms wrapped tightly around her small chest and her brown lockes tucked behind her ears she walked straight into the embrace of Gerard.

“And this is mine and Mikey’s sister. Jamie Way.” Gerard announced cheerfully, his arms draped around her shoulders like she was some kind of trophy.

"Hey," Billie, Mike and Tré said.

"Hi," She said shyly.

Mike noticed that she was wearing an engagement ring.

Fuck...she's engaged. He said in his head.

A couple of minutes later, the door opened, and Adrienne Armstrong came in.

"Adie!" Billie squealed and ran to his wife's side.

"Jesus Billie Joe, it's been what, five hours since you last saw me?" The dark-haired woman asked.

Everyone laughed, and the green-eyed man kissed his wife.

"Guys, this is Adrienne. Adie, this is Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Frank, and Mikey and Gerard's sister Jamie," Billie introduced.

"Hi," They said.

Everyone started their own conversations, and eventually, the bassist of Green Day made his way over to Jamie.

"Hi," He said.

"Hey," She replied.

The hazel-eyed woman took a sip of her coffee; her ring sparkling from the light.

"So...I see your engaged?" Mike asked.

She nodded. "To Frank." Whispering his name in admiration as she twisted the silver ring lovingly around her finger.

"Oh. Congratulations," Mike said, trying not to sound disappointed.

"Thanks." Jamie replied with a smile.

They talked a bit more, and then Mike went to talk to Billie Joe, Tré and Adrienne.

It was getting late, so everyone went back to the hotel they were staying at. Billie Joe and Adrienne were sharing a room, Mike and Tré were sharing a room, Gerard and Mikey were sharing a room, Jamie and Frank were sharing a room, and Bob and Ray were sharing a room.

Joey and Jakob were staying with Billie Joe's mom while Adrienne was on tour with them. She was staying for a couple of weeks, and then going back home. The boys had had a couple of weeks of their summer vacation already, so the Armstrong family did a whole bunch of fun stuff then.