Pizza and Wine

Chapter 4.

July 20th 2008

The bus pulled into a Las Vegas hotel early in the evening and the ten tired travellers filed out from it’s depths and into the hotel’s lobby. They were now 15 days into the tour. Both band’s were beginning to become good friends and were enjoying their time together and were due to perform two shows in Las Vegas, and were due to stay for four days. Billie Joe had insisted that they stayed at a hotel, just for the fun of it, as the were all tiring of the long bus trips and constantly being around each other. That way they could enjoy their stay although Adrienne had been looking pale on the bus.

“Adrienne, are you ok?” Jamie asked her, taking hold of her arm as her new found friend tried to stay standing up. Adrienne and Jamie had begun to form a friendship since it had been driving them both crazy to be stuck around eight other men.

“Oh. I don’t feel very well.” Adie muttered, clutching onto her stomach.

“Erm. I think you should sit down.” Jamie insisted and led her over to a soft mauve couch in the middle of the lobby. She glanced over in the direction of the men. Billie was arguing with the girl at the reception about the fact they had been told breakfast was included in the original payment, but now they would have to pay for it on top of the initial payment. She shook her head, it’s not like he couldn’t afford it. She guessed he just didn’t want the hotel to rip him off.

“Jamie…” Adie groaned and Jamie quickly looked at her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked concerned, sitting next to Adie on the couch arm.

“I-I…” Adie spoke, not knowing how to form the sentence she wanted to say. “I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days. Throwing up in the morning, tired, moody. I’ve experienced all the same feelings before.” She mumbled, clutching her stomach.

“What are you trying to say?” Jamie was confused, what was Adrienne on about? Moving off the end of the couch, Jamie got to her knees and sat in front of her friend, taking a tight grip on her hands.

“I think…well. I’m not exactly sure.” Adie continued to splutter words, not making any sense. Jamie wanted to scream at her to spit it out. “I think I’m pregnant.” She finally said. Jamie let go of her hands in horror and jumped to her feet.

“Pregnant?” She repeated the word in disbelief. “You can’t be?” Adie nodded solemnly.

“I think I am. And If I am, that will be great.” Adie spoke her words trailing off as she went away into a fantasy world inside her head. “I’d like a girl.”

Jamie felt like she’d just eaten a rock and it fell heavily to the bottom of her stomach. She couldn’t help but selfishly think that if Adie was really pregnant, then Frank would become increasingly over protective of her. His family comment the other day had freaked her out a little. She wasn’t ready to think about a family, she was barely struggling with the thought of a marriage. Marriage meant forever, even though Gerard had joked and told her she could always divorce him if he drives her insane.

“That’s…that’s err…that’s great.” She put on a smile, it really was great news. Adie frowned and opened her mouth to say something else when she was cut out by Tre’s loud voice.

“You two! Get your lazy arses here now so we can go to our rooms.” Other hotel stayers who were standing in the lobby stared at him with disgusted faces. How dare he yell so loudly in a hotel lobby.

Jamie helped Adrienne over to where the guys were standing.

"Billie...I need to talk to you alone after," Adrienne whispered into Billie's ear. He gave her a weird look, and nodded.

After everything had gotten settled, they made their way up to the hotel rooms. Adrienne opened up the door, and their room was beautiful.

"Wow..." She said.

She walked over to the huge window in the living room, and could see an amazing view of the city.

"This is amazing," she said.

Billie went and put their stuff in the bedroom. "Adie, come see the bedroom."

The queasy woman carefully made her way over to the bedroom. "Wow..."

She knew she was going to be sick, and ran towards the bathroom. Billie Joe followed her, and rubbed her back as she threw up.

"Babe, why have you been throwing up a lot lately?" He asked.

"Billie...I think I'm pregnant," she replied.

The guitarist's eyes went wide with shock, and a smile formed on his face. "Really?"

She nodded.

He kissed her cheek. "That's great, honey."

"I think I'm gonna see if Jamie wants to go to the pharmacy with me to get a pregnancy test," Adrienne stated.

"OK," Billie said.

Adrienne rinsed out her mouth, and walked out of the hotel room. She walked down the hall to Jamie and Frank's room. She made sure to knock, because you never know what her and Frank could be doing.

"Hey Adrienne," Jamie said.

"Hey. You wanna come with me to the pharmacy?" She asked.

"Sure," The younger woman replied.

Jamie went to tell Frank that she would be back after, and they left. There was a mall around the corner, so they walked there.

They got a pregnancy test, and went back to the hotel. When they went up to Adrienne and Billie's room, there was a note attached to the door in the bedroom.

Gone to Mike and Tré's room. Come get me when you get back.




"OK...I better do this now. Billie's probably pacing back and forth in Mike and Tré's room," The older girl said.

Jamie nodded.

Adrienne went into the bathroom, and did the test. Jamie waited impatiently out in the living room.

Adrienne came out into the living room, and they waited for the test results to be ready.

Adrienne walked into the bathroom, and took a deep breath. She looked at the test on the counter. It was positive.

She ran out of the bathroom with a huge smile on her face.

"Congratulations!" Jamie exclaimed and hugged her friend.

"Let's go get Billie," Adrienne said.

The pair walked out of the hotel room, and down the hall to the room that Green Day was in. Adrienne knocked, and a couple of seconds later, the door opened to reveal Billie Joe standing there.

"So..." He said nervously.

Mike and Tré walked over to where they were standing.

Adrienne wrapped her arms around the back of her husbands neck, and kissed him. "We're having another baby."

The look on Billie Joe's face was unexplainable. He loved being a father, and was so excited to have a baby around. The boys were growing up so fast, and he missed when they were that age.

"Congratulations," Mike and Tré said.

Billie then proceeded over to the mini bar for a bottle of Champaign.

“Let’s celebrate!” He yelled excitedly, popping the cork from the bottle and gathering glasses.

“Did I hear celebration?” A familiar voice filled the room as Gerard entered. “I was just passing by. What’s going on?” He glanced at the happy faces around the room.

“Adrienne is pregnant!” Tre laughed as a smile formed on Gerard’s face.

“Then we have to go celebrate at the bar!” He clapped his hands together excitedly and left the room.

“Let’s go then.” Adrienne smiled and walking out of the room, but stopped at the doorway. “But I can’t drink any alcohol.”

“Of course honey.” Billie piped up and followed his wife from the room.