Pizza and Wine

Chapter 5.

Billie Joe, Adrienne, Tré, Mike , Jamie and Gerard made their way to go find everyone else. Then they proceeded to the bar.

Frank and Jamie were holding hands, and every now and then, they'd giggle like little giddy kitties and kiss. And Mike felt like he was gonna puke because of it.

"I think I'm gonna puke," the blue-eyed man stated.

"Maybe Mike's pregnant too!" Bob joked.

Everyone laughed, and Mike rolled his eyes.

They got to the bar, and got their drinks. By the middle of the night, they were all completely drunk. Well, except for Adie.

The dark-haired woman turned around to see her husband's best friend and Frank Iero dancing on the table and singing,

I wanna have sex on the beach! Come on move your body! Sex on the beach!

Frank giggled and playfully hit Tré on the backside.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me!

"Oh dear God," Adrienne muttered.

"Hey sexy lady," Billie said as he sat down beside his wife.

"Hi Billie," Adrienne replied, knowing that he was gonna say some sick joke or want her to have sex with him.

"Why don't...why don't we go back to the hotel room and...have some fun," the guitarist explained, and wiggled his eyebrows.

"No, Billie, your drunk," his wife explained.

“Oh, but babe!” He pleaded, taking her by the arms. She shook him off and walked away towards the bar where Gerard and Ray were sitting making drunk insults towards each other.

“Ya Mom!” Gerard giggled, poking Ray in the shoulder.

“Hehehe. Nah! Ya Mum!” Ray broke into fits of laughter, making Adie cover her ears. Checking the time she decided that she would head up to bed, she was feeling tired anyway. It was 1am and the others wouldn’t be going to bed until later.

“Adie!” Billie yelled after her, she just turned around to him and smiled.

“Night.” Then she left the room, passing Mikey and Jamie who were playing some weird drinking game involving potato chips and massive amounts of beer and Bob and Mike who were sitting limply on one of the comfortable bar couches in fits of laughter. Nobody had any idea what they were talking about, their language was slurred but they seemed to understand each other.

After Adie had left, Billie walked over to join in with Jamie and Mikey playing their drinking game.

“Soooooooooo…………….?” He dragged out his words as he sat onto the couch, falling onto Mikey.

“Get off me.” Mikey pushed him off and he fell onto Jamie.

“HHhhheeeyyyyy!” She giggled and slapped him on the arm and he rolled off and landed on the floor, taking the bowl of potato chips with him.

The potato chips!” Mikey screamed and dove onto the floor, landing on Billie and making him squeal.

“Billie’s wasted!” Gerard yelled across the room.

Me Too!! Frank squealed and jumped down from the table he and Tré had been dancing on running over to the couch where Jamie was sitting and pouncing onto her.

“Ow Frank.” She moaned angrily as he swung his arms in the air, accidentally hitting her in the face.

“Aw babe. I’m sorry.” He pleaded for her forgiveness and pulled himself off her and sat beside her. “Please forgive me?” Pulling puppy dog eyes he brought his face close to hers and waited.

“Fine.” She muttered and leant the rest of the way until their lips collided forcefully.

“Ew. Get a room.” Mikey whined from his place on top of Billie, who was almost passed out on the floor. An array of chips surrounding his head, and tangled in his black locks of hair.

“Ok then.” Jamie giggled, pulling away from Frank just long enough to laugh at her brother who always seemed to be disgusted when she and Frank showed any affection towards each other.

The pair jumped off the couched and stumbled out of the room clinging onto each other, Frank barely able to walk.

"Maybe we should go to bed now," Mike suggested.

"Yeah. We can always party tomorrow," Bob said.

"Only if Frank and Jamie don't make to much noise. My room is next to there's." Ray added.