Sequel: Ashes

The Phoenix

A person held as security for fulfillment of certain demands.

Hostage Taker
A person who has taken hostage(s) or is a barricaded subject and is threatening to commit violence against his/her victim or themselves.

Non-Negotiable Demands:
1. Escape/release
2. Introduction of weapons
3. Introduction of alcoholic beverages/illegal drugs
4. Exchange of hostages
5. Amnesty
6. Money


Fallon Blackmoreis a twenty one year old history teacher. She lives on her own in the quiet town of Langdonville, Pennsylvania. Her parents, Naeemah and Luke, died in a plane crash on their way back home from a vacation in Brazil. In honour of her parents she devoted her life to teaching children who are hearing impaired as her father was also deaf. Other than that her life is as normal as can be. All that changed one day when she and her students where held hostage by a madman. Will everyone survive the wrath of the Phoenix?


James "Jimmy" Sullivan is a young detective specializing in hostage negotiations. He is called out to a small town to negotiate with a man who has taken thirteen people hostage twelve of which were children. In such a delicate situation Jimmy is pushed to his limit in trying to save everyone including the teacher who he had grown fond of.

I do not own the pictures or A7X. I do however own Fallon Blackmore and the plot even though it was inspired by a few books that I've read.