Sequel: Ashes

The Phoenix


Jimmy and his team got to work immediately. The consensus was that they would go in after the hostages. They geared up then gathered around the table for a briefing.

“Okay team,” Jimmy began, “we’re going to break up in three groups. Team A is going to enter through the bathroom roof. Since some cutting will be involved you’re going to go in first. Team B will enter through the teachers lounge window. Please remember that we do not know what room he has them in. If for any reason you cannot enter through the designated room you are to resort to entering through the front door. We know he will have there secured so it will be difficult. Team C will be stationed around the perimeter of the building in case he tries to run. If you have a clear shot at him do not hesitate to take it."

They all looked at him, feeling the hatred that he had for Jack Tallis radiating from his words.

"I am giving you the authority right now to shoot that motherfucker the first chance you get," Jimmy told them. "Are you with me?”

“Sir yes sir!” they chanted in agreement.

“Okay, now get your shit together and let’s try to get these girls home tonight,” Jimmy added then dismissed his team.


She sat in the corner with her students, and even in the pitch black room he could see her cautiously glancing at him every few seconds. Her long curly dark hair had long come out of the messy bun and it hung limply on her back. Her big brown eyes locked with him for a second and he felt his breath hitch in his throat. They were the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen. They had a reddish tint which seemed to glow against the whites of her eyes. Just looking at her and he knew he had to do this. It was now or never.

Jack walked up to the girls his heart pounding with anticipation. He felt his blood rush below his waist and small beads of sweat erupted all along his body. The room was dark but they could sense his approach. He could smell their fear, almost taste it in the air as he neared them. Soft whimpers escaped the lips of some of the girls. But they had no need to worry. He wasn’t here for them. He had his eyes set on her from the time he entered the classroom all those hours ago and now he was going to have her. She was his and his only. She was even marked with the Phoenix.

Jack walked up to Fallon and grabbed her by the wrist. She yelped in surprise but let him pull her away from her students. He dragged her roughly towards the bookshelves and led her down a dark aisle. Jack stopped abruptly then faced her. He was so close she could feel his breath on her throat. Then she felt something else. It felt cold and metallic and she immediately knew what it was.

“If you struggle I won’t hesitate to kill you,” Jack told her running the cold blade against her neck.

Fallon gulped loudly. She felt her body start to shiver in fear. This wasn’t happening. It was like she was having an out of body experience. She could feel him rubbing against her, thick, hard and ready. She could feel him pulling down her pants and underwear. And she could feel him thrusting violently into her. But she refused to believe it was happening. This wasn't her. It was as if her mind and her body were disconnected and what she was feeling was happening to somebody else.

He lifted her pressing her back hard into the books on the shelf while he violated her, books digging into her spine. He grabbed her breast through her blouse and began to roughly massage them leaning in occasionally to bite at them. When he was tired of holding her up, Jack pulled out of her then turned her to face the books. Before she knew it, he rammed into her and mashed her face in to the shelf.

She felt the salty tears run down her lips but yet they weren't hers. It was somebody else crying. It couldn't be her tears.


Jimmy clipped the radio to his waist then motioned for is group, Team B to follow him. They circled the small school then positioned themselves in front of the window they were supposed to be climbing into. It was a good thing he turned out the lights. Their pitch black surroundings made a good cover for them. Anyone inside the building would not be able to see them but they could see clearly with the night vision goggles they had on.

“Come in Team B,” Jason’s voice filtered through the radio.

“I hear you,” Jimmy replied.

“We’re in position and ready to enter,” Jason informed.

“Ready when you are,” Jimmy answered.

“Okay, ten seconds. Out.”

“One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi-,” Jimmy counted then after ten seconds motioned for his team to haul ass to the window.

The window was pretty low to the ground so it was easy for them to climb into it. After everyone had climbed through and they had secured the room they moved out into the hallway, walking as quietly as possible.

The school was so small that in no time Jason and the rest of Team A had caught up to them in the hallway. One by one they checked each classroom and made their way down until the library was the last room left.

As the burst through the door they were met by the squeals of the students. Jimmy couldn’t help but feel a little relieved as all twelve of them were there. But Fallon was nowhere to be seen. Had something happened to her? His heart sank as gruesome images of her dead body filled his mind.

The rest of the team ushered the crying girls out side while he looked for Jack and Fallon. They had to work quickly. If they were in the room, then they must have heard the loud commotion when he broke down the doors. He flashed his light down the aisles but they were nowhere to be seen. Jimmy raced down one of the aisles until he found them in a dark corner. What he saw brought a rage through him.

Jack had his back to him and didn’t notice Jimmy standing behind him. He reached forward and grabbed a fist full of Jack’s hair then bashed his skull against the wall.

“You filthy piece of shit!” Jimmy shouted repeatedly as he beat the crap out of Jack.

He didn’t care about protocol anymore. He was going to kill the bastard. And he was going to like it.


Fallon stood there silently. She could feel her blood trickling down her leg. She imagined that there was a large pool of blood under her. Bright and red, with a strong metallic scent. The blood would be flowing from her every pore and there would be so much that she would be soaked. Then it would catch on fire burning with a vivid orange red flame; the flame engulfing her with its beauty. She would burn with the heat spreading throughout the whole room, yet she would not feel a thing. The walls would shake from the sudden burst of energy. Then she would die. Her body would turn to ashes and be carried away with the breeze.

This was it.

This was the end.
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Ta da! The END!!
I did say 10 chapters in the beginning. I went one chapter over. Oh well I hope those of you who read it enjoyed it.
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