Status: Being re-written. Check chapter summaries to see which chapters have been done.


Very old : Be warned, I was such a newbie writing this.
I will hopefully get round to updating and making it a higher standard soon but for now... it will have to stay sucky.
Updated Chapters
Chapter One

It's a Green Day story set just before American Idiot came out in NYC and a major event happens which makes them look back on their friendship.
  1. Stolen
    Re-Written August 2008
  2. Is he even alive?
    Do they find him???
  3. Flashbacks and tears
    Billie has a flashback of his childhood
  4. A Living Nightmare
    Billie and Tre start to realise that this serious., Billie has a dream.
  5. Cramp, Planes and Overcrowded Taxis
    The familys plane lands and they make their way over to the hospital.
  6. Sleep
    Mikey meets and old friend
  7. Panic and Denial
    The same event from Billie's POV
  8. Last Chapter
    Final Chapter