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Panic and Denial

Billie Joe POV

Panic grabbed hold of my chest, stopping the air reaching my lungs, My mind blocked out the yells of our families and the hospital staff.

All that my mind would concentrate was the pale figure that was my best friend, and the machine next to him telling me that he ws dying.

I didn't understand, he was fine a moment ago, then suddenly his heart started fucking up!

The doctors where doing there best to keep him alive but it wasn't enough. He flatlined.

The room was silent except for the long beep, reminding us of the news we didn't want.

"No" I whispered, shaking my head.

"No No NO!" my voice getting louder.

"I'm sorry, there was nothing more we could have done." sighed a very tired looking doctor

I couldn't believe it, no, I mean, no, just no!

Suddenly the rythem of the machine changed. The doctors looked shocked and then started work on Mike again.

10 minutes of painfull waiting later we had Mike back, just not awake.

I'm really starting to miss him, I hope he wake's up soon.