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Last Chapter

Mike POV

You know when you’re a kid, and you pretend to be sick to get off school? And your stuck in bed with nothing to do and you feel drained but bored out of your mind?

Well I kinda feel like that, except worse because I cannot move plus I just saw Jason... and now he's gone. It's like losing him all over again!

I've missed him all these years, his bad jokes, his sick sense of humor. The way me and him had a kind of bond... a bond, which I thought would never break.

I've written many songs about him, but I've only ever showed Billie one, and guess what he wanted to put it on our greatest hits album.

God if we keep arguing like we were before I turned into a sitting duck then we'll never make another album.

Hell, I may never even wake up!

Shit... that's when it hit me. I may never see Estelle grow up, or talk to Billie and Tre again. I may never play a note on a bass guitar again. Or utter a word. It's at moments like these where you think back on your life and start to regret things you may not have done.

Thinking about my childhood, right up to the moment in the studio I realize... I don't regret anything.

Everything happens for a reason.

Everything is destiny, but you create your own destiny.

It's all about the choices we make, the people we break and the words we speak.

Every decision, word, breath and action affects our future.

If I wake up I'm gunna stop living in the past, and concentrate on the future.

The future is soon to be our past and our past builds our future.

If we live in the past then there is no future.

There is no life.

And at the moment I realize this pain shoots through my body, noises screech in my ears and my mind burns.

White. Pure. Blurs. Smiles. Relief.

My heavy eyelids have finally opened and I, Mike Dirnt, am back in the world of reality.

The doctor’s words shoot through my ears, "Sir, do you remember anything?"

And I open my mouth, about to tell them about how I could hear them, about seeing Jason, about being stuck in my mind about everything over these past few days.

And the doctor shines the torch in my eye and all that tumbles out of my mouth is

"The last thing I remember is being on the phone to Billie"

And suddenly it's gone, the knowledge, I know something important has just been forgotten. I franticly search my memories but to no avail.

As my daughter throws herself into my arms and buries her head in my neck and my best friends step into the room, I smile and know that life is going to change and everything is going to be just fine because four words have been found.

"Create your own destiny"