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Sixteen - Gardenia

Fallon rushed home. It was now five o’clock which meant that she had less than two hours to get ready for her date with Detective Haner. Wasting no time she hopped into the shower and used some of her most expensive shampoo and conditioner, as well as some Victoria’s Secret body wash. In no time she smelt like freshly picked gardenia.

She sprayed a little curl activator and moisturizer into her hair then let it air dry as she picked out her outfit. She decided to wear a simple baby blue, linen romper with a white jacket. She slipped into her white and gold heels and put on her jewelery. Fallon applied some simple make up and with twenty minutes to spare, she quickly put her curly hair into a messy but elegant bun and sprayed it with hairspray.

At ten minutes to seven she grabbed her purse and left the house. She only lived a couple of blocks away from the restaurant so it wouldn’t take her more than seven or eight minutes to get there. She didn’t want to get there too early in case she came off as being desperate, but she didn’t want to be late either.

“Hello Detective Haner,” she greeted as she walked up to him.

He was standing outside the restaurant waiting for her, with his hands in his pocket. He was wearing a simple dark wash jeans and a black and white plaid dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She was a bit taken aback by the amount of ink on his arms. She had never seen him in anything other than his work suits and he looked very different.

“Please, call me Brian,” he stated as he took her hand and squeezed it gently. “Shall we?”

He escorted her into the small restaurant and the waitress showed them to a seat near the back. Even though Fallon had lived close to the place she had never set foot in it. Their seat faced a large window overlooking a huge pond with a waterfall and bridge.

“You look stunning tonight,” Brian informed her pulling her attention away from the view.

“Why thank you,” she said, blushing. “You clean up rather nicely your self.”

“Thank you,” he started, “I hope you like this place as much as I do. The food is incredible.”

After a few moments of small talk the waitress returned with the menu and took their drink order. They browsed through the menu making the choice and in no time the waitress returned with their drinks.

“What will you be having?” she asked them smiling.

“I’ll have the calamari for starters, then I’ll have the steak with the asparagus and for desert I’ll have some apple pie,” Brian informed her and she jotted it down on the notepad.

“And you?” she asked facing Fallon.

“Um, I’ll just have the fresh garden salad and the salmon and for desert I’ll have some chocolate cake,” Fallon said, picking out some of the cheapest things on the menu. The waitress smiled in acknowledgment then left to place their order.

“So what’s a pretty girl like you doing working for Emily Collins?” Brian asked.

Fallon giggled as she turned at light shade of red. She wasn’t used to people calling her pretty, let alone handsome men like Brian.

“I needed something different to do?” she answered.

“Different? How is that?”

“I used to be a school teacher. I taught history,” she told him.

“Really?” he asked. “You seem more like the science type.”

“You really don’t know me then,”

“I’d like to change that,” Brian smirked. She smiled at him and nodded. An awkward silence came over the table. Thankfully it didn’t last long because their food arrived. They ate in relative silence, neither knowing what to say. After they ate Brian asked, “Did you enjoy your meal? I sure did.”

“It was great. I never knew that the food here was so good,” Fallon answered. “I’ll try to come here more often now. Maybe I’ll invite Alana over for lunch.”

“Is Alana your friend?” Brian inquired.

“Yes she’s my new friend. I met her a couple of nights ago. She seems like a nice person,” Fallon answered.

“A new friend eh? I hope I won’t have to compete with her for your attention,” Brian told her. Fallon blushed.

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” she grinned. The two of them left the restaurant.

“Well you didn’t drive or take a cab here so I’m guessing you live close by,” Brian started. “May I walk you home?”

“Wow, you’re pretty observant. Then again you’re a cop,” Fallon said. “Sure.”

She grasped his hand and led him in the direction of her apartment.
“So when can I see you again?” Brian asked as they stopped in front of Fallon’s apartment building.

“Who says I want to see you again?” Fallon smirked.

“I don’t know. Do you?”

“Maybe,” she replied.

With that she turned and walked up the stairs.

“Goodnight Brian!” she shouted waving him without even looking back.

“Goodnight,” Brian replied with a chuckle.