Class is Now in Session

Carrie Ericson is the girl all female Green Day fans wish they could be. She's been friends with the band since the beginnning, is in a band of her own, and has a great life (not to mention a great cd collection.) When she gets a job teaching a class of private school kids about all things rock and roll, she thinks it's a dream come true. Things go even better when Green Day comes to visit her and stir things up a little in class. But everything Carrie knows, everything about her old life is going to change, some for the better, some for the worst. So take your seats, take out your notebooks and pens because Class is Now in Session!

*Note* Please stop telling me that this is a copy off School of Rock and Gene Simmons' Rock School. No shit, that's where I got the idea. There are differences in the actual story, and the plot actually dwells more on the events taking place outside the school than what happens in the school. After the first chapter, the story pretty much ditches the "School of Rock" idea and takes on a life of its own.*
  1. A New (Better) Job
    Carrie gets hired to teach a class of private school kids about all things rock and roll.
  2. Surprise Visitors
    Some of Carrie's closest (and most well-known) friends come for a visit.
  3. The Concert
    Green Day put on a private concert for the class with a little help from Carrie.
  4. Nightmare Within a Dream
    Carrie's dream job is going great until an unexpected predator turns it into a nightmare.
  5. The Trial
    As Carrie recovers from her ordeal, the guys do what they can to help. What will happen in the Ericson vs. Kessler trial?
  6. Dates
    Carrie's lawyer makes a move and Carrie and Tre' Night begins.
  7. Tre's Secret
    I know it's what you've all been waiting for. haha *wink wink*
  8. Getting Things Back on Track
    Carrie tries to impress her new boss, she and Tre' have a romantic outing in the park, and plans of a new visitor are made.
  9. Hellfire and A Weekend Visitor
    When a friend comes to stay for the weekend, Carrie decides to take them all to her favorite goth club.
  10. Fun at the Club
    Carrie, Lucy, and the guys arrive at Hellfire and it's getting harder for the two lovebirds to be alone together.
  11. Halloween
    Carrie gets Lucy and the guys together for a little Halloween celebration. When the night is over, Carrie and Tre's secret is shared by another.
  12. Shared By Another
    Carrie learns that somebody else knows about her secret lovelife.
  13. Departure
    The guys and Carrie decide that Green Day needs to get back to their families.
  14. An Early Christmas Gift
    It's almost Christmas and Carrie is missing Tre' more than ever. (This is called "foreshadowing" kids.)
  15. The Greatest Visitor Ever
    Not sure what to say without giving away much of this short chapter. Let's see, uh...title=more foreshadowing kids! Get friendly with it.
  16. Bad News
    Christmas is closing in and when Tre' is out, Carrie receives some "BAD NEWS." See, foreshadowing. *wink wink*
  17. Hospital Bound
    After getting that dreadful phone call, Carrie heads to the hospital to see the damage and break down.
  18. Friends Become Enemies
    Tre' explains the situation and develops a new enemy.
  19. Secret-Keepers No Longer
    It's time to confess.
  20. A New Friend
    After telling Billie Joe and Mike that they need to come to the hospital, Carrie meets a new, unexpected friend.
  21. Confessions
    It's time to confess to Billie and Mike.
  22. Once in a Lifetime Meeting
    Billie and Mike are introduced to Lily.