Is It Still So Wrong?

A year has passed since the tour.
In this 'season' relationships go into a whole new level.
Love will be tested in the form of commitment and responsibility.
Gerard and Mikey's secret is no longer a secret anymore.
What'll happen in this sequel you may ask?
Only I know.
But I assure you.
It's going to be one hell of a long one.
With a lot of drama.
  1. It's Been A Year
    Gee and I have been together for a long time now we’ve become accustomed to lying.
  2. Winning Awards, and Parties
    They left the stage and Amanda and Brian went over to the podium again.
  3. Nothing Suspicious, Huh?
    The night turned out for the guys to get drunk anyway, but it seemed that the girls didn’t mind because they were pretty funny and random when they were drunk.
  4. Candid Picture
    I wasn’t the only one, Brendon had this big grin on his face too.